Irish banks need extra 24bn euros to survive ?

  Uboat 17:19 31 Mar 2011

Not talking small money are we & considering they have already been bailed out so where is the money going? this is almost £70 Billion they have needed?

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  peter99co 17:20 31 Mar 2011

Down a bottomless pit by the looks of it.

  morddwyd 20:35 31 Mar 2011

It's just a silly rumour.

They're part of the much quoted prosperous Celtic fringe like Iceland, which Alex Salmond would like to join!

  sunnystaines 21:18 31 Mar 2011

they are an endless money pit like bank of scotland and should be wound up.

I expect they still plan to pay massive bonus payments to those that got it in debt and those senior managers for poor supervision.

  Al94 22:17 31 Mar 2011

This is worth a read click here

  john 52 22:19 31 Mar 2011

I am surprised that GB has not been blamed for it !

  Uboat 22:26 31 Mar 2011

"Spain’s banks haven’t yet been forced to disclose the full extent of the losses" so basicly Spain can also be projected to be much worse than is made public?

  peter99co 23:13 31 Mar 2011

GB Greedy Bankers?

  DippyGirl 23:35 31 Mar 2011

Why ?
The bank is a business.
It cant trade - Its toast!
The longer this goes on the more it will cost !
If I lived in Ireland i would be truely pissed!
Hell i live in England and I still cant come to terms with this ...
If anyone can (without the platitudes ) explain just why the bank cant fail I would appreciate it (truely)..

  DippyGirl 23:42 31 Mar 2011

from uboat
£70 Billion they have needed
Ireland has a pop. of 6 mill (7 tops = easier sums)
So everyone in the country could just be given £10K let the bank fail ... and everyone start again
May focus the minds

  Forum Editor 00:09 01 Apr 2011

I'm not sure what that means, but I can provide an explanation, if not the explanation.

The main worry as far as we're concerned is that around 40 billion euros of the money that was lent to Irish banks by other countries - of which we were one - is not covered by the Irish government's guarantee. If the banks go down, our money will go down with them. That seems like a fairly good reason why we and the other creditors should try to see it doesn't happen.

Spot the platitude - I hope you can't.

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