'Iranian arms' bound for Taliban seized

  peter99co 21:51 09 Mar 2011

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  Dragon_Heart 22:12 09 Mar 2011

Who made the shipment ... the Tehran government ?

We will have to wait and see.

This is nothing new is it. The IRA were getting weapons from the US for years and they are 'on our side' ?

  gardener 22:24 09 Mar 2011

Pure hypocrisy on Hague's part.

  morddwyd 08:53 10 Mar 2011

Agree with gardener.

As I've posted before, I have taken part in operations in the Gulf where all the captured weapons and explosives were of US military origin, and, where unused, were still in US military packaging.

We all do it. Selling arms is big business, ask BAe what their annual sales to Saudi Arabia are.

This is just coalition bluster.

  SparkyJack 09:01 10 Mar 2011

People make ans sell arms- other people buy them and sell them- eventually your own will come back to bite you.
Stop selling then- you go hungry and some one else's will still come and bite you.
So you make then and sell them and enjoy the proceeds while you can and cover your back.

  spuds 09:47 10 Mar 2011

All governments have their dark cupboards, and this story will not make the slightest difference.

At the end of the day, its all to do with commodities, and the going rate (political and financial).

  sunnystaines 12:32 10 Mar 2011

perhaps if the SAS had kept the matter quiet took them back near the border and fired them off back into iran.

the afternmath... what rockets where would we get iranian rockets from could be the reply to any protest from iran

  jakimo 12:49 10 Mar 2011

Its not new, and have never been a secret that Gulf States bought arms from the American Government in order to defend themselves, whats more they still do...
What this issue is about is that Iran after giving assurances about the stability and security of the Afghan people,goes ahead and sells rockets to Afghanistan's enemy
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  jakimo 12:50 10 Mar 2011

Condem Tehran ?
Who made the shipment ... the Tehran government ?

Cant you see any further than the end of your nose

  morddwyd 13:16 10 Mar 2011

"never been a secret that Gulf States bought arms from the American Government"

I can assure you it was, and the arms were not being used by any gulf state, but by those who were trying to overthrow same.

That's what we were doing there.

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