ipod Touch - New Model

  boothy101 14:17 12 Sep 2007

Hi all,

Just pre-ordered my iPod Touch, I went for the 8 gig version but wished I got the 16gb one now. Hope it will be as reliable as my old 1st gen model.

I got free delivery as it was over £15 which I was pleased about, can't wait now. I ordered mine from click here

I should take delivery this week coming, so excited Smile hope theres alot going about as these are going to be a must have. I'm supprised they weren't lunched closer to christmas tho?


  powerless 19:01 12 Sep 2007

This coming week?

According to Apple mine won't ship until the end of September. Amazon have it being ready 2 weeks on Monday.

  Si_L 19:02 12 Sep 2007

Does it do anything the iPod Video can't do?

  Si_L 19:12 12 Sep 2007

Sorry, thought you were talking about the new nano.

  interzone55 20:07 12 Sep 2007

I'm beginning to think that Steve Jobs has become so cynical about Apple's fanboys that he is actively trying to relieve them of all their cash.

Consider this, you've bought an iPhone after queuing for a week or two, you're happy about it, even though it cost $599, plus activation fee, plus $59 a month for two years.

A month or so later the price is dropped by $200, after much outcry St Steve repays his loyal sheep (sorry, early adopters) with a $100 voucher for the Apple Store (just in time to buy the new Apple OS X Leopard).

Then his next wheeze is to charge people twice for an iPhone ringtone, 99c for the track, then 99c for a 30s snippet.

Then there's the ever changing iPods, each new model needs new accessories (sleeves to protect them, new docks, etc) and Apple gets a royalty from every purchase.

I'll duck out of the way now and await the flames...

  Riojaa 21:37 12 Sep 2007

When you catch that inevitable chill and pull out your handkerchief, I do hope that your iPod doesn't fall out of your barren pockets and onto the stone cold floor.

These iPods can only survive one fall onto a deep shag pile rug.

Never mind, you can always buy another one for a fraction of the price in a couple of months time.

  Si_L 21:57 12 Sep 2007

Also, due to the design (I did a study on iPod design for my A-levels, so I am well informed!), they are difficult to repair, especially if the issue is regarding the battery.

  Forum Editor 22:45 12 Sep 2007

We'll see.

There's competition in this sector of the market, and as I've already said elsewhere - my Nokia N800 looks as good as the iTouch, costs less, and can do a whole lot more.

I'm sure that a lot of people will buy an iTouch simply because of the hype. It's undoubtedly a nice-looking device, but at that price it will need more than good looks to keep it afloat.

  powerless 00:22 13 Sep 2007

I don't see how the iPod touch can be compared to the Nokia N800.

The iPod touch would seem not to be in the league of the N800 features wise or the other way round. They are two different products for two different things.

The iPod touch [at heart] is an iPod that can play er audio and video and all the interfacing is done via multi-touch.

Whilst the touch does have Safari for surfing it does not have support for email [well, webmail I suppose] but no email application as default. I've not seen many ipods [apart from the iPhone - part iPod remember] and any other music device with a built in camera [well the iphone does - but; no video support]

VOIP on the N800, whilst that looks good I guess, I would very much doubt that the iPod touch would ever have VOIP [no microphone], as it is afterall a audio and video player. The iPhone would be the one to have it. But as of yet and maybe never - it does not officially support VOIP.

Looking at what the N800 can do; yes it would seem to do more than the iPod touch but they are two completely different products.

Now if you compared it to the iPhone then maybe there is a more fair comparsion going on there?

  Forum Editor 18:05 13 Sep 2007

"two different products for two different things"

Well, let's see. Apple advertises the iPod Touch thus: "The revolutionary ipod touch puts entertainment — and the Internet — at your fingertips"

So does the Nokia N800

The iPod Touch blurb says "watch video on a stunning, widescreen display."

I can do that on the Nokia.

The iPod Touch blurb says "Wi-Fi web browsing.
Browse the web with Safari"

I can do that on the Nokia - but not with Safari.

The iPod Touch boasts a 'multi-touch screen'

So does the Nokia.

I admit that I can't download tracks from iTunes on the Nokia - yet - but that's because there isn't a version of the iTunes software for the Nokia's Linux-based operating system. I can certainly download tracks from other sites though, and store and play my MP3 tracks - either on headphones or external speakers.

I think that the two devices are certainly comparable in many respects, but the Nokia offers more - quite a lot more in fact, and for less money.

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