ipod touch brilliant....but

  Legolas 22:41 25 Dec 2008

I have just been to my brothers for Christmas dinner et al and he got an 8mb ipod touch from his wife for Christmas, I must say this is a stunning piece of technology everything I tried was excellent, the screen when viewing tele (yes you can view tele through the wifi internet connection) was superb with vibrant colours, the sound from the supplied earphones when listening to music was clear and rich, ease of use 5 stars, so why the but?

It doesn't have a radio.

I listen to the radio every morning when going to work and it is a "must have" in any device of this kind, so why do apple not include one in any of there products. I would definitely buy an ipod touch but for this one thing. As said everything else about this product is top drawer...pity

  al's left peg 23:02 25 Dec 2008

Hi Legolas, happy xmas I hope the new job is going well.
My wife bought me one too, 16gb model. It looks like a cracking little thing however, I can't get it off my 13year old son to see what it is capable of yet :(

  bowman 09:41 26 Dec 2008

Hi Legolas

You may want to have a look at this little device....

click here

(Hope the linkl works)

If it does not look for a Belkin FM Tunebase 2(two) unit on Amazon or such like.

  bowman 09:42 26 Dec 2008

Forgot to say it will work with the ipod touch and its a link not a linkl?...lol

  Legolas 10:46 26 Dec 2008

Merry Christmas to you also. The job is going good thanks, as to the ipod touch I love it after seeing my brothers and would have been out tomorrow getting one but I am not sure now with it not having a radio. If that is not a problem for you then you will love it. The TV via internet wifi picture is excellent and the music sound quality very good with the included earphones. I am very disappointed by the lack of a radio.

bowman. Thanks for the link but I don't drive and that is an FM in car attachment. Wonder if they do something similar and smaller for us pedestrians ;)

  John B 10:54 26 Dec 2008
  Legolas 11:14 26 Dec 2008

Good thought John B but still not as convenient as being able to tune into any station. I seem to have found what is possible the answer.
click here

  Curio 12:01 26 Dec 2008

Happy New Year. Have a look at the Sandisk Fuze MP3 player. Got the lot except TV
click here

  I am Spartacus 12:35 26 Dec 2008

I've ordered the Radio Remote from your link Legolas and I'll let you know what it's like although for £17 I'm not expecting brilliant quality.

I would recommend this case click here

I bought mine Touch a couple of weeks ago from Amazon as it was £30 cheaper than the Apple Store.

  Legolas 13:00 26 Dec 2008

Good idea I will let you be the guinea pig lol. If it is OK I will be very empted to purchase the ipod touch

  daisy2bell 22:03 27 Dec 2008

Or this:

click here

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