Ipod owners are thieves?

  zincy 23:06 14 Nov 2006

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What are your opinions about this? Dont Ipod owners pay for their music via itune? And by doing this wont it add to the cost of the machine for the consumers? Or is this another way to get more money ?

  lisa02 23:10 14 Nov 2006

Money, money, money.

  zincy 23:12 14 Nov 2006

I know
but what I dont understand is, what makes Universal so sure that everyone who buys a Zune or an Ipod will purchase/use music from them?

Does this mean that every music company can get a share of the profits?

I'm sure this over a period of time will just raise the price of the devices

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:14 14 Nov 2006

I sometimes feel that my computer and Ipod are the only ones that have legally purchased music on them. The number of computers that I see with music downloaded from AllofMP3, Limewire, The Pirate bay and Demonoid is huge. Methinks the guy is spot on....and whilst I am on about thieving I would bet that my computer is one of the few home ones that have a legal copy of Photoshop and Office XP on it. Nearly every computer that I see has some pirated software. Blinkers+off+eyes.


  zincy 23:18 14 Nov 2006

You are right GANDALF <|:-)>, but I'm talking about people like yourself who download music legally. Why do they have to 'pay' for Universal music when they may not even purchase their music but want to buy a zune?

  Kate B 13:53 15 Nov 2006

This goes back to the old debate about fair use, doesn't it? Mind you, if Engadget's experience click here of installing the Zune software is anything to go by, Universal and Microsoft aren't going to be making money out of the Zune any time soon.

  Jak_1 14:47 15 Nov 2006

Whilst there is an internet and a means of copying then music, films and software will always be pirated. I don't condone it but I fail to see a way of stopping it.

  donki 15:02 15 Nov 2006

It was going on long before ur MP3 player was a stain on a designers file block? Anyone remember Audiogalaxy and the original Napster. I agree that illegal downloading is a lot more widesreed than company directors think. There is one way to reduse it greatly..... Reduce CD prices!! If the industry was losing soooo much money i think it would be evident and belive me its not!

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