ipod has a wash!

  LastChip 21:47 28 Mar 2007

You've guessed it; my teenage son, who has a social life so busy that I hardly see him, dumped his trousers in the washing basket to be washed.

My wife, equally busy looking after us all, took the trousers and placed them in the washing machine.

You can imagine the shrieks of despair when the pair of them discovered his mini-ipod duly washed and looking very clean!

My wife, being quite creative, decided the best place for it was in the airing cupboard to force dry. It stayed there for four days, slowly clearing the mist on the screen.

Turned it on and it works!!

  Jak_1 22:05 28 Mar 2007

heh heh heh

  laurie53 08:10 29 Mar 2007

Oh Dear. Now you'll have to think of another way of destroying it!


  Kev.Ifty 09:03 29 Mar 2007

If you have a couple of minutes of your life to waste. Search for 'Ipod will it Blend' on youtube.


  Koochy 09:07 29 Mar 2007

Fantastic i think this is a must do for all ipod owners.


  Meshuga 20:03 30 Mar 2007

LastChip, You must have been using Persil, it`s good for washing phones.

  Bingalau 21:29 30 Mar 2007

Jak_1. That's a filthy laugh you've got. heh heh heh...

  Fred the flour grader 14:19 31 Mar 2007

once dropped a Samsung mobile phone in the bath was there for about 5 mins. I got it out of the bath and the wife suggested the hair dryer and it still works till this day!

  Diemmess 16:58 31 Mar 2007

I have a petrol driven garden shredder- (keen and serious gardening wife!)

I had a cordless phone which slipped from an overall pocket.

When I couldn't find it a cold and dreadful possibility came to mind.

My by now symathetic spouse dipped a hand into the last of four sacks of shredded shrubs and came out with a 1cm scrap of dark grey plastic.

With a drive worthy of the best crime scene examiner I spread out and sifted through the rest of the sack.

I found almost enough to make two, and for a while kept the bits in their own plastic bag as a quiz item - Q: "What was this?"
i never saw it slip in, and the shredder makes enough racket hide any screams. (Who dunnit authors please note. You can find shredders which will accept tree limbs up to 10" diameter.)

  Forum Editor 17:04 31 Mar 2007

I once dropped my laptop into Dover harbour from the deck rail of an oceanographic survey vessel. The machine was switched on at the time, and I could see the screen glowing in the murky water as it sank from sight.

I imagine the battery's run down by now.

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