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  superhoops 15:09 28 Aug 2009

Sorry if this should be in the Mobile World Forum but judging by the dates of postings in there hardly anyone ever looks at it!

I was just wondering if anyone else feels as let down by the Iphone as I do regarding the bluetooth capabilities or rather the lack of them.

I have had my Tomtom connected to my last two phones for the traffic updates for the last couple of years and very well it has worked too. However, I recently got an Iphone and whereas most of the features are simply first class and it is more of a mini computer but with telephone facilities included, the bluetooth is simply rubbish.

Yes I should have checked first but as I replied to someone on an Iphone forum who abruptly said that to me, I don't confirm with the garage that my new car will have a fuel tank, you just assume that it will. Not only is the facility to connect to a TomTom disabled but you cannot bluetooth a picture or mp3 to another phone. Also I have tried 3 different bluetooth earpieces for phone conversations and on each one the other party has said that they cannot hear me clearly enough to carry on the conversation. Due to a hardware problem with the phone (not connected) and subsequently getting the phone replaced, I have tried all this on two different Iphones.

Why why why have Apple spoilt a very very good phone by crippling bluetooth. To me this is a basic requirement and on this particular feature the phone is several steps back from Nokias, etc.

Anyone else with an Iphone feel as aggrieved as me?

  bremner 15:14 28 Aug 2009

Admittedly the Bluetooth is poor but that has been very well documented for a long time.

I can connect my iPhone to my TT 930 and use it as a handsfree. can you not even do that?

  superhoops 15:21 28 Aug 2009

"Admittedly the Bluetooth is poor but that has been very well documented for a long time"
I didnt know that! To be honest I didnt research the bluetooth capabilities I just assumed that it would do what I needed like my other phones have.

I haven't tried connecting to use as a handsfree but yes that was an option that came up when I tried to connect to the traffic. Is it loud and clear, can you hear the other person above the road noise and can they hear you ok?

  bremner 15:52 28 Aug 2009

The TT 930 has a good microphone and OK built in speaker so conversations are usually more than acceptable. Much better than the TT 910 I had before.

  superhoops 16:41 28 Aug 2009

Mine is the 730 but I will try it. Thanks

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