Intrusive advertising

  Al94 17:32 24 May 2013

Don't like the new ads with sound which have appeared this afternoon on every visit to the forum. Seems the sound just starts without even a mouse over! I always thought that was a big no no in terms of website design.

  spuds 17:41 24 May 2013

This as happened before, but was corrected due possibly to certain advertiser's over active use on the forum?.

On this website I use Google Chrome and a number of anti add-ons, and that seems to result in no problems with advertising.

  Flak999 17:48 24 May 2013

On this website I use Google Chrome and a number of anti add-ons, and that seems to result in no problems with advertising.

Me too, Chrome and adblock is definitely the way to go!

  pabby 18:16 24 May 2013

I only use Chrome for this site, also. With javascript disabled there is no delays in loading.

If they stopped all the heavy ads and tracking software that slows the site down to a crawl,I would let the adverts load.

  Aitchbee 18:31 24 May 2013

XP,IE8, use Spywareblaster 5.0 and have turned off Javascript and get no intrusive adds ... on a speedy broadband connection now, instead of dial-up.

  Al94 19:24 24 May 2013

Now have Samsung Galaxy S4s flying up my mobile screen under multi coloured balloons that's a first.

  Nontek 19:35 24 May 2013

Win7/Firefox/ABP never any problems with adverts.

  Joseph Kerr 00:57 25 May 2013

I don't really appreciate being made to jump out of my skin by some guy flogging cameras, or whatever it was. Nor do I appreciate having to then look for him in order to make him go away.

Yes, I'd gladly pay a nominal yearly fee to shut him and all other advertisers up.

  Joseph Kerr 00:58 25 May 2013

Or Win 8 thanks, Mr Egan.

  Al94 08:40 25 May 2013

Great! I access the site by mobile if away at weekends, this morning woke up wife by whoever that voice on the site is so it's on the mobile site along with the S4 with balloons and the William Hill full page ad that needs 3 clicks on the X to make it go away. Now have a grumpy wife. This has got ridiculous this weekend, PCA sure knows how to drive users away from the site.

  Bing.alau 08:50 25 May 2013

I agree and am leaving this site for a few days to hope it gets sorted out. Maybe the FE can e-mail us all when it has gone...

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