Introducing....The McHairy!

  SimpleSimon1 10:37 10 Sep 2009

click here

See, who says that there's no protein in McD's wares :-)

  tullie 10:43 10 Sep 2009

What an idiot

  oresome 10:55 10 Sep 2009

A customer scorned............

"What an idiot".............Why, for going in in the first place?

  mr simon 16:50 10 Sep 2009

This guy needs to get some perspective, even hair nets or caps don't stop every hair escaping, and while McDonalds might be slacker with their regulations on caps and hairnets, the same could happen in Michelin starred restaurant. The offer to replace the burger was more than enough, and he is a fool for standing outside warning other customers, just because he was an anomaly.

  oresome 17:09 10 Sep 2009

At issue is the alleged response.

Correctly treated, he would have still left a satisfied customer.

  tein 17:12 10 Sep 2009

In 1999 i lived in London! & whilst traveling through Seven Sisters/Manor House i stopped to have a breakfast (Working nights) & been greedy ordered a couple of burgers! what i found in one of the burgers wasn the nicest of things & belive me it was much worse than this guy found! i kept the burger & contacted there headoffice who asked me too send it to them! i worked another shift then decided id send it off! i went home after my shift & found my flat mate had given it to the dog.!! lol
It didnt put me off them btw! i love burgers!

  Colin 19:14 10 Sep 2009

The article is like something Viz would write.

  dagnammit 21:16 10 Sep 2009

Considering he'd ate half the burger I'd have offered him a 50% refund, and said sorry of course. :P

  SimpleSimon1 23:08 10 Sep 2009

"The article is like something Viz would write."

Yeah well, it is our small [market town] local news and, as such, I guess they're grateful to have a 'Shock Horror' story rather than the normal 'dog bites dog' front-page lead :-)

Yup, we lead an exciting life out here in the sticks (although a few years ago the local publican tried to off his wife by running her over in a vintage Jag on New Years Day - needless to say, they were both paralytic, he missed and totalled the Jag and the wall of his neighbour's house)

  Quickbeam 11:52 11 Sep 2009

"...our small [market town] local news and, as such, I guess they're grateful to have a 'Shock Horror' story..."
These stories always remind me of one of our local no-news days about 30 years ago, the headline to a lengthy report was 'Three left shoes stolen from Timpson's pavement display', yeah right...

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