Internet -Streamed TV a reality

  Kase 09:17 01 Mar 2005

With the increase in broadband power and take up is this the next hot use for Personal Computers?.

Microsoft has developed Software that will enable telecoms companies to deliver internet protocol television. The BBC as and when it streams TV (as at the time of the last olympics) faces losing licence fees due to a loophole in the law. So the next 12 months should be interesting, World wide TV. Dont tell the P2P people just yet or we may be getting more than targeted adverts with our programms

  CurlyWhirly 10:12 01 Mar 2005

I can't see it happening yet, as to make streamed TV a reality, you need at least 2mb download speed (and preferably 4mb).
I don't think that BT's copper lines can handle that sort of speed, which means that only cable subscribers and people who live close to a BT exchange have access to that kind of service if, and when, it becomes available!

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