the internet on holiday

  sunnystaines 11:17 29 Dec 2009

when on holiday uk or abroad do you go on the net.

does your hotel have to have a internet before you book?

do you take your laptop?

or do you have a break for the holiday?

with me if the hotel has a free internet pc in the foyer i use it occasionally, if out in our camper van we take the laptop.

what do you do

  jack 12:27 29 Dec 2009

Outside world
Thats what I do.
No News Radio or TV
No Internet
No Phone
Whilst on holiday, as on a recent cruise I can easily let the world get on its self destruction course without me.
Its bad enough picking up the pieces, when I get back to 'Civilization'

  Kevscar1 13:13 29 Dec 2009

Same here but I wouldn't exactly call the UK Civilsation.

  Quickbeam 13:16 29 Dec 2009

I was away for 3 days over Christmas and didn't pay any attention at all to the outside world as usual. It is a holiday, but on the downside when the Asian tsunami occurred, I didn't know about it until 48 hours after the event.

  Woolwell 13:20 29 Dec 2009

We take the laptop for one main reason and that is to be able to easily check in on-line 24 hours before the flight departs for the return journey. We find that seats are taken within a few minutes of on-line check in being open. On one occasion when we hadn't checked in early I had to fight hard to get a seat change so I could sit next to my wife.
We do keep up to date with e-mails (not work ones) and my wife accesses Facebook.

  wellshgit 14:38 29 Dec 2009

We are on holiday in Paignton Devon, and have free Wi-Fi internet access in our apartment. I brought my laptop for my wife to access Facebook.

  interzone55 18:22 29 Dec 2009

If I'm on holiday I leave the laptop at home, and abstain from reading the newspaper, but I do listen to the news on TV & radio.

To be honest the longest we're usually away is 5 days or so, as I think it's unfair to have the relatives popping round feeding the cats for any longer.

I like to play a little game to see exactly how many offers of cut price viagra or warnings that my account has been closed in banks where I've never had an account are lurking in my Gmail spam folder. The most I've had is 400 after a 5 day break...

  ronalddonald 20:37 30 Dec 2009

i thought the whole object of going on holiday is to relax and stay away from everything you do, ie chill out man, enjoy yourself buy an ice cream a 99

  Chegs ®™ 23:02 30 Dec 2009

I take my phone with me everywhere,it has an in-built broadband modem so I can access the internet pretty much anywhere and if I wish to play online games I simply connect my phone to my laptop & off I go(though most journeys recently have been work so requiring directions to haulage yards/industrial estates which I locate via google maps)

  Forum Editor 00:35 31 Dec 2009

which have no internet access in the room, but will do so if pressed - I have a mobile broadband dongle that enables me to connect.

For business reasons I need to have access to email and the internet, so a laptop goes with me wherever I go. I have no difficulty in relaxing on holiday, but the nature of my work means I need to stay in touch. It isn't necessary to cut yourself off from reality in order to have a relaxing holiday.

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