The Internet Goes Down

  Crosstrainer2 10:50 01 Sep 2011

Only a temporary VM outage in my area, all fixed almost before I'd phoned them to report it. Got me thinking of just how much a part of life, and just how dependent I am on it.

All my shopping, from food to well the nice new iPad stand that arrived this morning banking, most communication all relying on that fibre optic connection, and a bunch of servers.

Does pay as you go dialup still exist? I think I might invest in a USB 56k modem in order to have a stand-by probably won't happen again, but you never know.

Makes me wonder what I'd do if there was no affordable connection.

  Quickbeam 11:19 01 Sep 2011

I've been getting a few of those lately form VM, any idea why?

  Quickbeam 11:21 01 Sep 2011

I have a Vodafone usb BB dongle for emergency and away from home use.

  interzone55 11:28 01 Sep 2011

Tesco still offers dial-up internet access

You can usually find plenty of old 56k modems at car boot sales

  cycoze 11:45 01 Sep 2011

Just a couple of weeks ago I popped round to see someone and order them BB over their dialup connection, I forgot just how slow it was compared to a 2mb BB connection.

A lot of people would freak if they lost the Internet, it plays such a huge part in our lives today.

  woodchip 11:47 01 Sep 2011

My HP Laptop as Ethernet Socket and Dial Up Socket plus WiFi

  Autoschediastic 12:21 01 Sep 2011

Im with VM got their 50meg deal and ive been having connection issues on games and what not, i fully agree with Crosstrainer2 when the net does go down its incredible how isolated we become without it, the internet has become a global phenomenon to almost everyone that uses it...

  Crosstrainer2 12:23 01 Sep 2011


I think they may be upgrading servers, but this was an outage at Thier end, it's normally reliable, but I think I will get modem. I do of course have my data plan for my iPhone, so I wasn't internetless.....A new word? Lol.

  lotvic 12:29 01 Sep 2011

My standby dial up is it's just pay as you go 0845 rate on your phone bill

  Crosstrainer2 14:16 01 Sep 2011


Perfect....Just in case!

  lucky1 15:36 01 Sep 2011

Thanks for that link lotvic. Appreciated.

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