The internet could change beyond all recognition

  Forum Editor 07:01 06 Jun 2007

unless something is done to stem the increase in censorship being carried out by many governments throughout the world.

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  rezeeg 08:47 06 Jun 2007

We have censorship in Britain in all forms, so why pick on the internet?

  rezeeg 08:55 06 Jun 2007

fourm member you assume wrongly!

I thought we were talking about censorship, not repression.

  jack 09:15 06 Jun 2007

Whilst it is easy to let the ire rise on topics such this- there is nothing for the individual or organizations to be done- except to shout - from a safe perch.

the me we can do is to ensure our perch is a safe on.

Remember has was said 5 years ago- but totally ignored

Where one Saddam falls - a bigger nastier one will arise.

  anskyber 10:32 06 Jun 2007

I think the approach you took with the "infamous" St Valentines Day thread by Spikeychris is very much my view. My understanding of your position in that thread was along the lines of seeking to understand China (non pun intended) and treat their moves towards liberalisation as another way to get there rather than the war and bloodshed route.

I have always thought that seeing the internet as some force for freedom outside of the rest of the world was quaintly idealistic and naive. My view is not a recipe for defeatism, we should still continue to work to spread information on our views on good governance but recognise others may have just thought about it as well.

fourm member has summed up a pragmatic and reasoned approach. I realise Amnesty will work hard to fight for our own liberalisation but with police powers being considered for stop and question we should look at home before lecturing others.

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