Interesting New MS Licence Terms

  ventanas 08:52 13 Oct 2006

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If this is so then there will be little difference between OEM and retail. But I suppose it was inevitable, and we have to blame those who don't follow the rules.

  def90csw 09:51 13 Oct 2006

If you dont like the terms & conditions then dont use the software.

  anskyber 10:25 13 Oct 2006

True we do not have to use the software but that does not exclude the opportunity to comment on things like EULAs. For what it is worth I see no harm in the new terms given the blatant abuse of the previous EULAs by some.

  ventanas 10:26 13 Oct 2006

I beg you pardon, If you can't be polite don't bother to respond. I was just making an observation, not voicing an opinion.

Those who know me on here will testify that I abhor piracy in any form, and I don't actually blame Microsoft for taking this route. I just wish they would go a lot further at times. I can fully appreciate why they haved been forced to go down this route.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:57 13 Oct 2006

"If you dont like the terms & conditions then dont use the software." Blunt, but not rude methinks.

"I beg you pardon, If you can't be polite don't bother to respond." Something of an overreaction to the above.

  Skills 13:24 13 Oct 2006

Hmm me thinks that MIcrosoft is shooting itself in the foot somewhat removing the advantage of the retail box set eg the fact that you could transfer it unlimited as long as it was only on one machine at a time means that people will either just buy an OEM version or will jump ship to apple and OS X or linux in some variation or another. I see that according to the blog XP is unaffected.

With Macs transfering to intel chips now and the boot program they released which allows you to run a copy of XP on an MAC I feel that the uptake of vista will be even less.

I understand that Microsoft wants to crack down on piracy but I think the only people that really end up paying the price are the honest users.

  Input Overload 13:45 13 Oct 2006

Hmmm Quote : 'Will this affect a lot of people? Not really. Those most likely to be affected are hobbyists who constantly rebuild, replace, and upgrade systems. Presumably, the new two-machine limit will be enforced by Windows Product Activation'

Not good me thinks.

  medicine hat 14:02 13 Oct 2006

Would an upgrade of any component inside the case be seen by Vista as reassigning the license to another device?

  Zeppelyn 14:10 13 Oct 2006

Im not one who buys from Dell, Mesh etc but just buys a new desktop less OS so yes will probably affect me. I bought my retail copy of XP early 2002 and this current machine is third its been on so thats me stumped. I think these terms are not fair at all and would not be surprised if they were challenged. If the EU can get upset about media player etc then perhaps they ought to be taking a look.

  Amyfa 15:49 13 Oct 2006

Guess I wont be buying vista, was looking forward to it as well but I seem to update my computer every year.

  sunny staines 18:19 13 Oct 2006

perhaps our fe can get his contacts in MS to clear this point hand report back in the forum.

not good news for those who often upgrade and build their own machines.

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