Interesting. I've left it until now...

  Stuartli 14:32 23 May 2008

..but still not one comment on the Crewe and Nantwich by-election result...:-)

  hssutton 14:47 23 May 2008

We where all waiting for you :)

However do not see this result as a problem for the government. Gordon has got it all under control. How do I know, because he said so.

"I think the message that I have to get to people is this - that we are unequivocal and clear in our direction, that we're going to address and are addressing these problems. What the PM said today.

Maybe the PM should listen to the message from the people

  johndrew 16:18 23 May 2008

`..but still not one comment on ..`

Could this be something to do with elector apathy or simple disinterest in politics ..... suddenly I feel sleepy ... zzzzzzzzzz

  al7478 16:27 23 May 2008

and also to do with the fact its just a continuation of recent trends.

  n4165si 16:39 23 May 2008

It wouldn't be because the Electorate have the measure of this mob would it, and can now see them for what they are,and are sick of being taken for granted?

  interzone55 16:53 23 May 2008

The Tories didn't win this election, Golden Brown lost it, plain & simple.

btw Was it just me, or did the guy from the Monster Raving Loony party look like George Melley?

  al7478 17:49 23 May 2008

agreed, and yes!

  beeuuem 17:54 23 May 2008

Possibly true but if it were merely a protest vote the Lib/Dems should have done better.

  al7478 17:56 23 May 2008

No, it wouldnt. itd be because brown's own voters (plus any other voters who have just been forced up a tax rung) are annoyed at him for betraying the party's core values, being so remote, and appearing much more dim than people thought him. He probably is very bright indeed, but he's getting something wrong! Maybe those who said he cant multi-task had it right...

  birdface 18:09 23 May 2008

We were all waiting patiently for this result.Sitting biting my nails unable to concentrate on what I was doing.And the result was a ??? What was the result.Must have fallen asleep.Does anybody even care.I can only guess the result but there are more important things to worry about in the country[World] than to worry about a immaterial bye election.Well done Utd.

  Stuartli 19:44 23 May 2008

What GB said this morning was that he had "been elected as leader to look after the economy in particular and would continue to do that."

A journalist on BBC News(24) pointed out to one of Brown's colleagues manfully standing up for him later in the day, was that he hadn't, in fact, been elected as leader; there was no reaction to this correct observation.

The general drift that has come across over the past few weeks is that those at the top in Labour just don't "get it" - they have almost completely failed to sense the mood of the electorate and are paying the price.

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