This is an interesting find

  cyberping 17:27 31 Aug 2006

Gandalf =Peter Thomas = Forum Editor.
How many people knew that then?

  DieSse 17:38 31 Aug 2006

Not him, I suspect. Though Peter Thomas = Forum Editor has never been a secret, and appears in the blog pages.

  Al94 17:38 31 Aug 2006

often suspected - often denied - where's the proof of this interesting find then??

  cyberping 17:47 31 Aug 2006

Well it seem strange that when Gandalf posts a comment however anti-another user it may be it's never pulled!

Their writing styles are very similar as is the tone of the word's they posts. I can also see one of them commenting on this & 1 denying it, this fuels the fire.

Of course the post may just get deleted that of course would show that it's true or there is no smoke without fire?

  RickyC :-) 18:02 31 Aug 2006

I've been Cover Disc Editor on PC Advisor magazine for over five years and I can assure you that there is no truth in your assumption.

Richard Clooke
CD Editor

  Altruist 18:05 31 Aug 2006

Their writing styles are very similar! I don't think so.

  cyberping 18:12 31 Aug 2006

It's my view and i'm sticking to it & of course i realise i will probably get banned for it!

Altruist as i observe peoples writing methods for a living i think i'm in a better postion to judge this than yourself. Interesting on your view Al94 though?

  Forum Editor 18:13 31 Aug 2006

"How many people knew that then?"

Well certainly not me for a start, and I imagine it might come as a considerable surprise to GANDALF <|:-)> as well.

He's a professional photographer, living in Gloucestershire, and I'm an IT consultant, computer journalist, and Forum editor, living in London.

GANDALF <|:-)> has been a forum member since the beginning of January 2001, which makes him one of our longest standing members. I beat him to it by a month, so we've been here for more or less the same length of time - coming up for six years in a few months.

You, on the other hand, have been with us for three days - hardly enough time to understand what it's all about, let alone posting nonsense like this. I suggest that you spend a little more time watching us at work, and a little less in fantasising about imagined double identities. If I wanted to have two personas I would do so - and neither you, nor anyone else would know anything about it. I certainly wouldn't post for five and a half years using the same, rather distinctive second username.

The fact is, I don't need to be two people - I can say what I want to say quite well as myself, thanks.

"Of course the post may just get deleted....."

Well if it was, nobody would know it was ever there, would they? Don't be so foolish.

  Altruist 18:17 31 Aug 2006

If you observe people's writing methods for a living then I'm glad I'm not one of your customers.

  Forum Editor 18:18 31 Aug 2006


The short clip I've quoted above contains two basic errors, and your posts are riddled with them, here's another sample:

as is the tone of the word's they posts"

Two more errors there - one of them a truly awful one.

Perhaps in your view "Their writing styles are very similar" because we both know how to string a sentence together. I'm sorry, but you've asked for this.

  Kev.Ifty 18:21 31 Aug 2006




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