An interesting comment on the future of Microsoft?

  johndrew 14:56 08 Mar 2012

Whilst I recognise there is a dedicated W8 area, this article covers more than the use of a new version of Windows and may be of far wider interest and comment.

What is your opinion given the evidence?

  wiz-king 15:27 08 Mar 2012

I wonder if we will see 'Office' as a set of cheap(ish) apps rather than a expensive package?

  interzone55 15:58 08 Mar 2012


All the Office programs are available separately, but they're rarely sold on their own.

The vast majority of Office users are workers, and almost all of those will use more than one of the programs (Word & Outlook, Excel & Outlook, Excel, Access & Outlook etc) and this means it's cheaper for most companies to buy one of the packages.

For home use there's rarely any need for Microsoft Office and Open Office will suffice, and I think Microsoft realise this, although they do offer the Home & Student licence for Word, Excel & Powerpoint, this comes in a three PC licence for less than £100

  Input Overload 19:29 08 Mar 2012

I personally think MS should remember that millions of people use a large display & mouse & will for sometime. As regards touch-screens I feel the only kind worth having are capacitive & you are still talking well over £1000 for a largish one so I'll give that a miss for now.

I do think MS have thought about things and maybe are after a different customer base as many offices still use XP & earlier & MS are not making money out of this & they are a business, I think people forget that at times. I will buy 8 on release but will as always customise it, as I have with earlier OS's.

I'm a big fan of 'Stardock' customisation programs & they have already sorted the missing 'Start Button' problem out. I intend using a PC for some time & will find workarounds for the features in 8 I don't like - But there is lots to like about 8, it's not all bad.

I've tried the CP & have gone back to a customised 7 until 8 comes out. It's OK complaining about the way MS is heading but if you are still using XP perhaps they really are not going to miss you greatly?

There are just my musings - Tomorrow I may hold a different opinion.

  Input Overload 20:00 08 Mar 2012

Read 'capacitive' touch screens - Sorry.

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