Intel reports 90% profit drop !

  24/7 02:04 16 Jan 2009

Incredible on just how much they have lost in such a short time "90%"!! thats staggering by any standard, do we see job losses in the horizon..?

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  24/7 02:07 16 Jan 2009

Also theres this:

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  Mr Mistoffelees 08:26 16 Jan 2009

Intel have made a lot of money over the years and remain profitable in very difficult trading conditions. Not going down the pan yet!

  interzone55 08:34 16 Jan 2009

A 90% drop in profits is still a profit, just a tenth of last years.

Nothing really to worry about considering the conditions and the property writedowns.

  spuds 13:18 17 Jan 2009

A profit drop doesn't mean the company is in financial difficulties, because some companies have good reserves from previous years.

Even Tesco are suggesting times ahead are going to be difficult. Not sure if they meant for themselves or the consumer!.

But looking at it from another point of view, who would have thought that bad product investments, would have brought deep concern to the banking industry ;o(

  Si_L 13:59 17 Jan 2009

That report says they are the worlds fourth largest chip maker, who are the first 3?

  wee eddie 14:17 17 Jan 2009


  interzone55 14:27 17 Jan 2009

By volume I'd say that people like Sandisk and Hynix make many more chips, it's just that they make less exotic products like RAM and Flash chips rather than CPUs

  Si_L 14:41 17 Jan 2009

I was waiting for that one!

Alan14 - Probably right, I was thinking in processor terms, so that makes sense.

  sunnystaines 15:42 17 Jan 2009

cpu have reached max mhz 4 and max cores 4-8. no where to go.

  Forum Editor 17:07 17 Jan 2009

and a profit warning had been issued - it was expected that profits would fall, and I suppose even a low figure of $50 million a month profit isn't too bad.

Chip sales are down individuals and companies aren't buying so many computers at the moment - for pretty obvious reasons. Intel expected the sales drop to be reflected in the profit, and it warned the market about it over a month ago.

It's always a good idea to study the facts, it helps you avoid a wild overreaction to something like this.

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