Intel jingle

  DrScott 14:18 03 Nov 2005

It occurred to me the other day that every TV advert where the word pentium is mentioned has to have an annoying little jingle. Now I was wondering, do Intel pay for this or is it somehow written in some corporate law that anyone advertising an Intel processor has to have that little tune included? I wonder how much extra it costs advertisers for those extra 3 seconds of jingle?

If I were a PC supplier I'd be sorely tempted to stick to AMD just so I didn't have to spend the extra advertisement money for those extra annoying seconds! Though maybe that's why I'm not a PC supplier... mmm...

  Forum Editor 07:37 04 Nov 2005

is part of the company ident. Whenever a TV ad mentions the name and shows the logo the jingle goes with it. It's a trademark thing.

  Chegs ® 10:19 04 Nov 2005

The last few Intel ads I have heard music from,the "score" was produced by "Blue Man Group" This band has some pretty strange titles on their album(I have it)

  DrScott 12:16 04 Nov 2005

I've never really noticed a company to enforce that before, since it does add to advertisement time. I had guessed it was part of a trademark, but it appears unique.

  Forum Editor 13:10 04 Nov 2005

Yes, and more than a little irritating as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't have thought it at all necessary.

  Dan the Doctus 16:03 04 Nov 2005

Wouldn't describe jingles as unique but agree that they are extremely irritating, especially on the radio - although very effective. It's amazing how hearing a jingle or piece of music can immediately make you think of a product. One example - the 'Old Spice' music! Dumbs down things a bit too :(

  Forum Editor 16:08 04 Nov 2005

by 'unique' is the fact that the Intel jingle must be played whenever the name is used in a TV ad - regardless of the company which is running the ad. This is pretty unusual - in fact I can't think of another example.

Jingles are commonplace of course, but not in this context. You don't have too many companies who advertise their own product and have to play another company's jingle.

  PaulB2005 16:27 04 Nov 2005

Often wondered it myself.

Also is it just me or is the jingle played louder than the rest of the ad?

I've noticed that more and more i have to turn the volume down for adverts and back up again for the programs but when making a cuppa even with the sound down i can always hear that "ding ding ding-ding" a bit louder..

  DrScott 10:21 05 Nov 2005

I meant unique in its literal sense - i.e. I don't know of any other company that insists on their jingle being played when another company advertises with their product.

Yes it is annoying and pointless, and I can't believe companies are that happy about having to play it, since it must cost them more.

PaulB - there's been a fair bit of stuff through the advertising watchdog about advert volumes, and that corps are guilty of notching up the perceived sound (rather than the actual number of dB) of adverts. click here (it's an antipodean link, but makes the point)

  MichelleC 15:43 01 Jan 2006

Some of your will be pleased that Intel are rebranding their image soon, unveiled in Las Vegus at the Consumer Electronis show. The old 'image' is 37 years old.

That's a long time and that's why the 4-note sig-tune is so irritating.

  DieSse 16:50 01 Jan 2006

You can bet your bottom dollar that the advertiser gets some sort of recompense from Intel in exchange for including the *jingle* and logo.

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