Insurance Cover includes for up to £20,000,000 for

  Z1100 19:14 29 Nov 2006

Legal liability for damage to other peoples property.

Well that is nice to know 'cause I was worried that I might crash my motorbike into Windsor Castle as I pass by it on the way to Windsor Great Park...

I love insurance policies... ;)

  Forum Editor 20:00 29 Nov 2006

of your bike on a greasy road, and crash into the plate glass doors of a block of luxury flats. Thankfully you're completely unharmed, but the bike's fuel tank bursts, and the petrol ignites, starting a fire that results in the building being so badly damaged it has to be vacated by its tenants whilst the entire block is repaired and renovated. Several Rolls Royces and Ferraris in the underground carpark are write-offs, and all the furnishings in all of the 20 flats are ruined. Some of the residents lost valuable gold jewellery that melted in the intense heat, and was never recovered.

Everyone lost clothes, computers, TVs etc. - all irreparably damaged by smoke and/or water from the sprinkler systems.

Everyone, including the owners of the building sues you, because it's proved that the accident was entirely your fault - you were riding negligently.

The total bill comes to a shade under £19.5 million.

Thank goodness for insurance actuaries, eh?

  oresome 20:39 29 Nov 2006

I was once refused entry to an airport "airside" because the company's standard public liability insurance cover was insufficient.

It needed to be an amount to cover the replacement cost of a few Jumbo's, should I have had an accident.

The actual risk must have been pretty small because a new policy was faxed through within a few minutes with some more noughts added.

  Z1100 20:49 29 Nov 2006

Damage caused by chewing...

FE, I don't think I ride fast enough to do that, though my buke does weigh in at around 500lb so it might pass right through the building. But just in case, where is this building I want to avoid it. I could not live with the horror of seeing those dear people lose their precious possesions.



  spuds 23:59 29 Nov 2006

Riding at 10/15 miles an hour can have devastating results. It isn't the speed that counts, its the after event.

  hijo 00:11 30 Nov 2006

my father was insured in his job for over a million back in the very early 90's..we thought this was loads back then..:-)

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