Inspired by the latest poll. beat the XP cut off

  lixdexik 23:12 30 Apr 2008

How to beat the XP cut off date.
I intend to build a new computer very soon, but I don’t have the money at the moment to splash out on the spec I would like before the XP cut off date. In order to make sure I can have the XP os and not Vista, I have bought a hard drive that I intend to install into my computer in a few months time. Having bought a bit of computing hardware, I also qualified to buy an OEM version of XP that I can install when I build the machine around the hard drive. So if you don’t want Vista, just buy a bit of hardware and an OEM version of XP now and beat the cut off.


  Si_L 08:14 01 May 2008

Vista is better anyway so I won't be doing that.

  Demora 09:09 01 May 2008

To Hear my daughter swear the way she does at her laptop I'm beginning to think that 'Vista was a mistake for her.

I see her more often than not using the old Toshiba in the kitchen I use for recipes and household stuff.

BUT I have to say when I've used vista I'm not worried about the transition from XP.

Just the cost of renewing most software/hardware.

As long as the pc works don't fix it.


  barca1 10:34 01 May 2008

HAD just a few probs with XP ive had a LOADA probs with Vista as most users have....i am not keen on Vista...

  tigertop2 10:37 01 May 2008

Good idea to buy XP ahead of a possible stock cut off. I am planning to do the same as I intend to refurbish an old Dell, installing 1GB ram, which will be fine for XP but dodgy for Vista-and I can easily upgrade later. I have a feeling a lot of people might be doing the same as the cutoff approaches. Vista may be improving but the benefits seem outweighed by the driver hassles many people have had to put up with quite apart from the UK pricing issue when Vista was launched. I won't be topping up Bill's pension fund until I have seen what Windows 7 can offer when it is released.

  lixdexik 18:25 01 May 2008

is that the software I want to run will not work on Vista, My experience with XP has been very good. The few people I know that run Vista are all having problems. My be windows 7 will cure the problems.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Forum Editor 18:36 01 May 2008

to get an OEM version of Windows XP - you may quite legally buy a standalone copy. Provided it's installed in a computer that you build yourself you'll be on the right side of Microsoft's licence agreement.

The requirement that you had to buy some hardware to get the OEM software disappeared quite a long time ago.

  Forum Editor 18:46 01 May 2008

Where do you get the idea that 'most users' have had a load of problems with Vista? Lots of people have, certainly, but to say most of them have is simply not true.

I haven't had any problems, and I personally know of dozens of installations that are humming along nicely. Most new computers are supplied with Vista preinstalled, and as far as I'm aware the manufacturers don't get 'most' of their customers complaining they have problems.

Maybe I'm wrong, and most people are having problems I don't know about.

  tigertop2 14:59 02 May 2008

Any chance of running a PCA Poll on the lines of 'Have you had a problem with Vista?, Have you been discouraged from buying Vista re problems you have read or heard about?

I just have a feeling that the results , however unscientific from a polling perspective, might give an indication, no more than that , of peoples' thoughts.

Maybe add in a question about cost implications re Vista?

  Forum Editor 17:25 02 May 2008

We ran a Vista poll quite recently, and we're not planning another one, at least not yet.

click here

There's no doubt whatever that lots of people have been discouraged from migrating to Vista because of things they've heard, or read about, but that's nothing unusual - it happens with most new Windows releases.

It's pretty obvious that Microsoft isn't exactly ecstatic about the reception Vista has enjoyed, and I imagine there have been some pretty intense meetings on the Microsoft campus over the past six months. As I've already said, millions of people are having a positive Vista experience because they have bought new machines with the software preinstalled. An interesting situation arises when those who have held off upgrading because of received information get to the point of wanting to replace their machines. Those people are going to be offered a machine with Vista onboard. Lots of them will be nervous (needlessly, but probably understandably), and may say - as many are already - 'I'll wait for the next version of Windows'.

The trouble is, it will be a long wait, and then of course they'll be faced with another new, relatively untried (at least in the mass-market) operating system.

If you have a computer that's happily running Windows XP, and you don't want to fork out for Vista because of what you've read/heard, that's fine - nobody could blame you for being cautious. On the other software will definitely be developed to run on the Vista platform, and new devices will all come Vista-ready. The clock ticks on, and as time passes there will be new machines, new software, new devices with Vista drivers, and fewer and fewer reasons for delay.

  al7478 19:00 02 May 2008

Perhaps we need a really long time without a new OS, as, as you say, time will pass and things will get better, but there'll be a new os by then.

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