laurie53 03:28 12 Mar 2007

It's no good; I've got to get a life.

What the hell am I doing on this forum at 3.30am when I'm retired and no longer have to work nights?


  Watchful 06:57 12 Mar 2007

You sure do, but I've been guilty myself when I can't sleep because it's so quiet using the comp and doesn't disturb anyone else. Turn the speakers off though!

  wolfie3000 07:12 12 Mar 2007

Iv been up all night and will be going to bed in a sec. :)

  Kate B 12:03 12 Mar 2007

Once you've worked nights it's hard to return to going to bed early. I worked overnights and very-lates in the early part of my career and I've never broken the habit. I rarely go to bed before 1, and often later.

  bof:) 13:31 12 Mar 2007

Hi all,

At least your not vegging-out in front of a tv screen ,not that there's anything wrong with that at times.

Being an ex-shift worker myself I know what you mean, some habits are hard to end but I think after nearly 20 years I've cracked the insomnia


  Bingalau 14:03 12 Mar 2007

My habit is well ingrained and that is the fact that I awake every morning at 05.00 hrs., no matter what time I go to bed. Normally though I am in bed by 23.00 hrs. So I hope six hours is enough time to waste sleeping. The older you get the less time you have available for sleep.

  Kate B 14:11 12 Mar 2007

What a great line, Bingalau! I must remember that next time I'm being lured out dancing.

  Fred the flour grader 20:41 12 Mar 2007

I think Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones once said about his insomnia. "Don't like going to bed, don't like getting out of it" that sums me up as well. Done shifts for 14 years till last summer, hated getting up at 4.45am when on earlies but rarely had more than 4.5 hours kip when on nights.

  Treebeard 20:52 12 Mar 2007

Me too. I go to bed late, not feeling tired, and get up when the alarm goes off feeling like ****.

When retirement comes, I fully expect to go to bed later each night and get up later each day until, eventually, I catch up with myself!


  Bingalau 21:22 12 Mar 2007

Kate B. If I get lured out for line dancing I will stay up until the event finishes, even if it's 02.00 hrs. It's the only keep fit hobby I have now. Had to give up the golf because I got fed up picking the ball out of the hole after all my birdies. I do have a faulty fourth vertebrae and find bending down is a bit awkward. If I am with the boss attending an ordinary dance night I have to wait until she is good and ready to go home too. I just do the odd waltz on those occasions, (two left feet) but the line dancing is more like military drill and comes easy to me.

  Kate B 21:29 12 Mar 2007

Come out dancing with us sometime, Bingalau. Our oldest clubbing buddy turns 50 in December and many of us are in our 40s, so you wouldn't be surrounded by young'uns ;-)

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