innocent MP's

  Teaboy 17:09 15 May 2009

Earlier this week (according to a report in that fine paper The daily Mail), three Met police officers were arrested for fiddling their expense accounts during the investigation of the July 7th terrorist attack. they stand to be charged with, 1. misconduct of public office.
2.conspiracy to defraud.
3. theft.
4. followed, if found guilty by loss of employment.

I make no further comment!

  oresome 17:14 15 May 2009

What's the link with innocent MPs?

  Teaboy 17:17 15 May 2009


None have been arrested, and charged.

  john bunyan 19:22 15 May 2009

I'm not worried about the innocent MP's - I assume most are - but the potentially guilty ones. I heard on the radio that a group of senior police officers are considering the issue, and hope they hurry up , in particular with the "fraud" type cases. The guys who claimed, albeit greedily, in the rules as they were will be judged by the electorate.

  Forum Editor 19:31 15 May 2009

Which means that so far the Police have not been presented with, or discovered sufficient evidence with which to convince the Crown Prosecution Service that a prosecution would succeed.

It doesn't mean that there will be no prosecutions, but try to understand the facts. It's not a criminal offence to stick to a set of rules which might allow you to claim amounts of money which people might consider unreasonable, and smacking of sheer greed. It is a criminal offence to commit a fraud,and no doubt the Police are looking at the available evidence in certain cases. Situations like this have not arisen before, so the Police will proceed with caution.

  oresome 20:16 15 May 2009

Police investigations will just waste more public money and quite likely result in no charges being brought. It drags the police into the mire and they should remain at arms length from politics.

The fact is that a culture existed whereby the expenses were seen as a benefit to use or lose by all concerned.

It needs sorting out quickly and the parties need to discipline there own members as appropriate.

The voting public will form their own opinions and perhaps punish their MP at election time if they think they've been taking liberties.

I think it's damaging to the country if it drags on and on and diverts attention from the real issues of the day.

  laurie53 20:46 15 May 2009

"The voting public will form their own opinions and perhaps punish their MP at election time "

These revelations might be remembered for the Euro elections next month, but another bunch of the same or sinilar will be returned at the next election, albeit from a different party as a result of the normal chronlogical swing.

  Teaboy 17:04 16 May 2009


The points you make are taken on board.Particularly in reference to the fact that there has been no previous cases of prosecuting MP's for fraud.

  Forum Editor 17:09 16 May 2009

Whether they have any reliable in formation or not, which is patently unfair to those MPs who have done nothing wrong, but that's life I suppose.

Lots of judgements are being made in anger, and it's easy to understand why. It will be interesting to see how this is reflected in the ballot box, come the next General election.

  birdface 18:19 16 May 2009

Now in an interview last night on BBC an MP says it is a witch hunt by the media which is causing most of the problems.When he asked the BBC reporter how much she earned a year she told him £92.00 almost £30 more than MP's receive.And he said why does BBC not show us a detailed list of the expenses claimed for by their staff.And quite frankly I think he has a good point.
I would love to see their wages and expense claims as some of the wages are getting to the extremes.
And who is paying their wages.Yes us of course.
So if we are entitled to see the MP's wages and expenses.lets play fair and let them publish the BBC's as well.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:31 16 May 2009

You have the choice to receive or not receive television programmes. This choice is not extended to the choice of having or not having an MP as your taxes are plundered prior to receipt. At least Dick Turpin had a horse.


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