Inkjet cartridge waste

  immer 09:23 22 Jan 2008

cut price colour refills are not as cheap as they seem when you get failures, and the lost time & waist of expensive paper soon wipe out any advantage. I am fed up with my supplier of refills because of the time and hasle waisted with it. Manufacturers cartrige are expensive, but there is no easy by-pass I have found to my cost....from exasperation, delay, paper costs & inky fingers !

  TopCat® 13:14 22 Jan 2008

Some details of the problems you are getting and make and model of printer wouldn't go amiss here.

A reputable supplier of printer consumables always guarantee their products, so if indeed these cartridges are at fault, then they would normally be returned for investigation and replaced free of charge.

Have you spoken with your supplier yet and outlined the problems? TC.

  €dstowe 14:37 22 Jan 2008

It is far from being unknown that genuine ink cartridges are faulty - I have had quite a number.

If your supplier has any sort of reputation to maintain, whether that be for genuine cartridges or substitutes, they will replace them with a minimum of fuss - provided you give reasonable proof that you are not trying to get something for nothing.

  georgemac © 17:37 22 Jan 2008

I have been buying compatibles for my Canon from Choice Stationary for a few years now, brand is Think+ and they have been excellent.

Had a batch from another supplier before this, looked a good deal and they were rubbish. I print very infrequently and never bothered returning them.

  immer 18:14 25 Jan 2008

It all comes down to this : How valuable is your time ? When you look at this in a reolistic way you see the true cost, and what about the trip to the supplyer, time, car park, wait at the counter, loss of interest on your cash on not working items, stress, delay in your work, deadlines not met...I could go on but I am fed up with this & think I will look at a lazer....cost of ink....there is no easy or cheap way out I think !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:25 25 Jan 2008

A CISS system is the cheap way..mainly for Canon and Epson but if you do a lot of printing, or want to, it is a superb system and cheaper than laser and is worth buying a suitable here
6 x 100ml refills cost less than £7 and each holds as much as 8-10 cartridges.


  katkins 19:28 28 Jan 2008

Epsom ink cartridges for my Epsom C42+ are designed to stop when they reach a given level even though there may be enough ink left to run off as many as 10 pages more.

I tried out about 3 substitute brands and settled for one in future. When the dialogue box is displaying 'change cartridge now', I ignore it and can get up to 10 pages extra before having to replace.

  immer 23:32 29 Jan 2008

Thanks Ganalf, that looks good but I swapped to HP beause I couldn't stand the noise on the Epsom, & also the ink was not as much of a problem as the jets blocking.....
I see the CISS is just an Epsom thing just now?

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