Injury claim referral fees

  TopCat® 14:30 09 Sep 2011

At last the government are moving to 'ban referral fees in personal injury claims in an attempt to curb the "compensation culture".... This is a trend that really should have been stamped on a long time ago, in my estimation. Soon we'll be able to see by how much motor insurance premiums fall, but I'm not hopeful they will be anywhere near the 'up-to- 40% rises that took place. TC.

More details here

  morddwyd 19:11 09 Sep 2011

I should point out that, like for like, motor premiums in Scotland, where the practice is more rigidly controlled, and claims smaller, are not noticeably lower than south of the border!

Don't hold your breath!

  Chegs ®™ 07:41 12 Sep 2011

In the linked article it states action to tackle whiplash if honest customers I've had seven car accidents in the last 12 years,all bar one were people crashing into the rear of my vehicle resulting in my suffering whiplash,these numerous whiplash injuries have resulted in my developing arthritis in my neck & on the last x-ray,three damaged vertabrae are clearly visible.Therefore I must surely count as an honest customer,and before anyone accuses me of driving up their insurance premium I have only ever claimed one compensation claim for whiplash as my taxi was off the road for several weeks having the damage repaired(cost me over £3000 in lost earnings & repairs)and I was awarded just £1400.Several years later,I had another accident(pillock pulled out a junction right in front of me)which left me with a busted rib & severe neck pains,and destroyed my car & meant I can no longer work full-time,yet I was again awarded £1400 for "whiplash" I think these ambulance chaser lawyers simply bung in a claim for whiplash as its the easiest option,& requires no proof.I doubt regulating by the government will do little to help the customers as the ambulance chasers will just up the fees they claim then take a slice of any compensation.It might reduce the number of unsolicited calls received by anyone unfortunate to have an accident(I lost track of the number of calls/texts I received after my last accident)but they were just a minor inconvienience at the time.Maybe I should've sued for this inconvienience instead of for the actual injury? :)

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