Info overload

  laurie53 15:18 22 May 2007

I had always thought that I was fairly happy with modern IT but I have now realised that sometimes the traditional methods have their uses.

I was looking at some specs for new cars, but by the time I had clicked from page to page, and waited for them to load, and sat through all the videos, I’d had enough and in the end just clicked “Send Me a Brochure”!

I sometimes get the impression that some retailers are more interested in impressing me with their glitzy website than in actually selling me anything!


  Cymro. 15:33 22 May 2007

Perhaps they have paid some very expensive I.T. expert to design their site for

them and so they think they are getting better value for their money if there is more

content in the new site. All they actually do is over-engineer the thing and make

it more complicated than it needs to be. There is a lot to be said for keeping it simple.

  Cymro. 16:59 22 May 2007

I would have thought that the F.E. would have a point to make on this one.

  Forum Editor 17:22 22 May 2007

that some clients allow themselves to be sweet-talked into loading just about every gizmo going into their website. Some designers just love technology for its own sake, and they forget that the primary function of an e-commerce website is to act as a virtual shop, with the shopping cart taking the place of shop assistants.

Sites should display and describe the goods and services as accurately as possible, so that customers are less likely to be confused, and click away to some other, less complex site.

My strong advice to clients, always, is 'keep it simple, and keep it fast'.

  Cymro. 17:42 22 May 2007

Thanks for that, I agree completely. But I think that a lot of things re. I.T. are like

that. Windows XP has many features that are never used by many people. A striped down

version should be made available. One that you just load the parts that you are going

to use and leave the rest to be loaded if and when you do need them. This will be

sacrilege to some on this forum, but let`s be honest how many of us do use Windows to it`s full potential?

  laurie53 18:36 22 May 2007

You're right of course.

Wasnt there a recent announcement of a cheap and simple mobile phone that just does phone calls?

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