rawprawn 17:18 09 May 2008

The official rate is 2.4%. Ouch I have just got my gas bill 39% increase on last year, Food must be up at least 15%, and I dare not mention fuel, or new car tax bands On top of all the increased (by stealth) taxes, the poor are getting destitute.
My increase in pension would hardly pay my council tax increase, and anyone who managed to save for their retirement is penalised.

There I have said it, come on lets be honest about the whole mess.

  Forum Editor 17:55 09 May 2008

Well go on then, be honest.

  jakimo 18:01 09 May 2008

I think rawprawn meant that he would like to see the goverment be honest about it,and so would I,.,but what a novel thought!

  JYPX 18:14 09 May 2008

rawprawn - Well.....If you are right (and I think possibly you are) then the recent decision to give a tax increase to 5 million people on low incomes, and a tax cut to everyone else, would no longer be a matter for concern, it would become a scandal of epic proportions.

  belfman 18:19 09 May 2008

My electric, oil and food bills are escalating... I'm being taxed more. I don't drive, smoke or drink (often or much) and I am as eco-friendly as a normal person can be but he still likes to have his hand in my wallet.

  belfman 18:22 09 May 2008

PS. I received a letter a couple of weeks back saying I'm entitled to help with my rates. Woo hoo! 6 pennies per week - I'm wondering come next year will they send the bailiffs round to collect my over-payment because I usually get no help (not that I want help). I'd prefer he doesn't target an average bloke on a less than average wage.

  rawprawn 18:38 09 May 2008

I'm saving up to go down to the pub on my birthday 29th December!
I think jakimo hit the nail on the head, I mean this government. It professes to assist all of the UK population, but fails (I think intentionally)very short of the mark.
I believe that they are now so short of money, having misspent in the good years, without making adequate provisions over their term of office, that now we have a serious downturn in the economy they are at a total loss.

  Forum Editor 19:06 09 May 2008

what would you do (or stop doing)if you had a free hand? Sensible suggestions would be good.

  Monoux 19:10 09 May 2008

A good start would be to keep UK Taxpayers money in the UK.

  georgemac © 19:22 09 May 2008

I have no problem with our government spending tax income on international humanitarian aid - we are still a rich country in comparison to most others.

This government needs to start cutting back on public spending - yes it will be tough, but the amount public spending has increased by is truly incredible - and a lot of it appears to be wasteful.

Remove VAT from fuel duty, and have a flat amount of fuel duty, so that when the oil price increases the tax take on petrol/diesel is not pushed up further by the 17.5% VAT on the price increase. Set the tax level back to middle of last years level.

Abolish road tax, and add the required amount on to fuel duty, so people will actually pay per gallon regardless of what type of car they have, those doing high mileages and having more emissions will pay more. Foreign trucks if they buy fuel here would also pay something.

Get a grip of spending on social security - this budget is as far as I know 170 billion pounds pa, compared to 30 billion defence, and around 95 billion NHS.

Address the public service pension issue now so it does not cripple the UK in future - at the very least new employees should not have final salary benefit pensions - if workers in the wealth creating private sector cannot get these and the private sector cannot afford them - why can the public sector - I would include MP's in this. The unions will kick off about this but this will have to be tackled at some point.

Less regulation and red tape for industry and make our economy more competitive - not through low wages but by reducing admin costs.

That's a start - a lot will disagree - been on a few sites lately and have not seen Joe Public so disenchanted since the tories last government before 1997.

  rawprawn 19:28 09 May 2008

I do not disagree!

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