indian tele-sales

  User-994545 21:35 05 Dec 2007

does any one ever respond to the fone calls from Indian tele sales ? the pick up rate .must be abismal,Hello Mister C******* with a heavy accent.i,m fed up with,telling them to go away. so i just say "hold on there is someone knocking on the door"as i put the fone down beside me trying to waste there time.having your number on the dialing preference scheme does not apply to computer,generated calls so you have difficulty stopping them.

  SANTOS7 21:48 05 Dec 2007

click here

I used this and, yes it really does work...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:21 05 Dec 2007

These people are earning a pittance, have families to support and it would do you no harm and cost you de nada to be at least polite to them instead of acting like a bit of an overbearing colonial moron. Good manners cost nothing and are an accurate guide to a person's demeanour.


  interzone55 22:32 05 Dec 2007

I took advantage of the free BT Privacy and haven't had a single sales call for as long as I can remember.

Yet another reason why paying a little extra for BT has a real benefit. Try getting One Tel or Toucan to register you with all the different telephone preference services

  Forum Editor 23:47 05 Dec 2007

trying to waste there(sic) time."

Why not just put the phone down, and cut off the caller? Deliberately wasting someone else's time, just for the fun of it is rather childish, don't you think?

  ste76 06:08 06 Dec 2007

I phoned BT about these calls, because their privacy service wasn't working, and the reply I got from them was to do exactly what coopz is doing about it.

  Coffee Adict 06:23 06 Dec 2007

I agree with Gandalf, be firm but polite, just say I'm very sorry I'm not interested and put the phone down. I registered with TPS sometime ago and it does work except for an odd one or two getting through, takes about a month to kick in. As for BT's reply to ste76 they may have a vested interest in keeping the line open, either way a strange response and may have been the person you spoke to own oppinion.

  g0slp 07:46 06 Dec 2007

Unfortunately TPS doesn't work for calls originating outside the UK.

One particular 'business' were pestering my home so badly that we eventually had to change our telephone number. Caller ID was usually 'international' or a couple of numbers, a letter & another number. Obviously calling from the sub-continent; verified by me when I caught one of their operatives out during a <conversation>...

I'll not give their name here, but anyone who won't give contact details or a phone number, & claims to be able to lend £250,000 with no checks doesn't seem to be reputable, imo.

A little research revealed that they're connected with someone based in the Midlands, & the authorities have investigated them on several occasions recently.

Blocking 'international' calls isn't practical for us because I need to be able to call home when I'm working at sea.

  Koochy 14:20 06 Dec 2007

At one point i was on the receiving end of approx 10 to 15 cold calls per night anywhere between 4pm and 11pm and yes i used to get annoyed and waist their time and i really don't care if they are earning only a pittance or they have a family to feed, my free time is my free time and i will use it as i see fit and that is not answering all those calls (some of which were from the same company up to 4 times in one night). If i want double glazing i will phone a double glazing company and if i want a loan or mortgage i will speak with my bank.
In the end i used the B.T. privacy option and touch wood i only receive one now and again to whom i am usually polite but firm but some of the people try to be to pushy and at that point they get the "please hold the line" treatment and they are left holding until they hang up, It's not my phone bill.


  Chegs ®™ 15:43 06 Dec 2007

I'm also registered with TPS and must admit to losing my rag with these cold callers on occasion because I was once eating my tea when the phone rang,I answered and was asked if I was interested in Sky "No thanks,I dont watch enough TV to warrant paying extra" He thanked me and put down the phone,only to ring straight back and ask for my partner and she responded with the same answer I'd given.Then a minute or so later,a different caller with the same set of questions for me,followed by another call for my partner.Four calls inside ten minutes really annoyed me and only ceased when I exploded down the phone with "I have just bloody told you,we are not interested and neither is my partner" and slammed the phone back down,at least I got to finish my meal in peace.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:45 06 Dec 2007

I have always taken the attitude that the phone is for my convenience and not anyone else's, so I decide if I want to answer it.


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