This is India......

  Grey Goo 16:20 15 Jun 2008

Where you telephone to get help with your computer.
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  mrblofeld 17:07 15 Jun 2008

Lovely part of the world is India.

  gardener 17:37 15 Jun 2008

Looks a bit like the wires behind my computer.

  bluto1 18:34 15 Jun 2008

Looks like one of Brumas' Identification shots.

  laurie53 18:48 15 Jun 2008

Don't see the point of this thread; looks like an entirely reasonable layout to me.

  Brumas 19:47 15 Jun 2008

Nah! - too easy ;o)

  Forum Editor 20:02 15 Jun 2008

India is trying hard to build itself a decent communications network, and actually it's not doing too badly. There are IT centres in India where UK court proceedings are transcribed from voice recording into text files and returned 12 hours later - a UK judge can read a verbatim text document of what was said in his court the previous day as he has his breakfast.

The work that goes on in India is nothing short of amazing when you consider that there are many wiring nightmares like the one in your linked image, but somehow they make sure that it all works. It may not look so glamorous, but they're nothing if not resourceful, and a lot of UK businesses could learn a good deal about focus from these Indian companies. I've seen men in Mumbai sitting up on these poles at ten o'clock at night, working on Telecoms wiring that looks like a child's scribbling session. God knows how they work it all out, but they do.

  bluto1 22:05 15 Jun 2008

OK Brumas, you win!

  bluto1 22:06 15 Jun 2008

Yeah! I remember my RAF days too. This lot is tidy.

  jakimo 16:47 16 Jun 2008

It would take some time to hack into that lot

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