Indesit condeser tumbledryer condensation?

  mrwoowoo 18:56 24 Sep 2008

my dryer died on me last night, so i went to currys and bought the Indesit IS70C Tumble Dryer which is a condenser tumble dryer, i have always used a vented one, having used it twice in my conservatory which is about 7ft x 11ft it seems very damp out there when it is on and quite alot of condensation appears on the windows, having read some reviews on it people seem very pleased with it. in the instructions it said you may experience a small amout of condensation in a very small room. i think i have made a mistake on buying a condenser dryer, has anyone else noticed the damp and condensation with condensers?

  Tim1964 19:01 24 Sep 2008

We tried a condenser type as it was difficult to vent it to the outside while in the kitchen. Found that it didn't dry as well as a vented one so changed it and have it now in the shed.

  SB23 19:41 24 Sep 2008

Because of my large family, we've used a Condenser type dryer for years. Not once has it ever caused condensation. It does get warm but no condensation at all.
Have you checked to see if the condensing plates are in correctly. On my Hotpoint they are just above the water container, and are easily taken out for "defluffing".


  Curio 20:47 24 Sep 2008

As with SB23, scullery got a bit warmer but never any condensation.

  Woolwell 20:50 24 Sep 2008

I have a condenser combined washer because of space considerations. No condensation in the room at all from it. it does take longer to dry clothes than a vented dryer. It is important that you don't overload it.

  mrwoowoo 23:41 24 Sep 2008

thanks SB23 i will check the condensing plates are in correctly, i used it again and had condensation all round the edges of the door and windows, it disappeared when i opened the windows, does anyone else have to have all the windows open?

  hssutton 14:34 25 Sep 2008

Condenser type in the conservatory, apart from the conservatory getting a little on the warm side it's perfect. No condensation whatsoever. Windows and doors normally closed.

  Shortstop 15:09 25 Sep 2008


I have my condenser dryer located in a REALLY basic conservatory - nothing double glazed, all sides have wooden frames and glass 3/4 way down with a roof made from some kind of specialist darkened plastic.

If I use the dryer during cold/cooler weather then I get condensation on the windows and always have done. Put the dryer indoors and it works perfectly. I have always assumed that the heat generated by the tumble dryer creates the condensation as it hits the cooler glass windows ....

Like I say, just my POV.



  mrwoowoo 20:53 25 Sep 2008

checked the condensening plates are in correctly, using the dryer right now, it is much worse than yesterday, the windows are completly steamed up and its like a sauna in my conservatory, its unbearable out there. phoned currys you can't ring your local store direct you get a call centre and they said my local store will phone me back, but as usual they didn't so i will phone first thing tomorrow. i am not sure on my rights as i only bought it 3 days ago, and as its obviously faulty hopefully they should change it, does anyone know if i am correct? i wish i bought a vented tumble dryer again rather than a condenser one.

  SB23 21:01 25 Sep 2008

Surely it has to be faulty.

I would have thought, and the reason that we've had ours for so long is the fact that they cause no condensation, and the point is that the dryer can go anywhere.

I'm sure Comet will help. Let us know.


  mrwoowoo 22:26 26 Sep 2008

no one from currys bothered to ring me back, so i phoned once again, and all the details i had given last night had disappeared, i had to go through it all again and was told i can take the dryer back, i was given a code number to quote when i got to my local store, i have got a full refund and i have decided not to get a condenser in case it happens again, i have gone back to a vented tumble dryer.
thanks for all the answers you all gave me.

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