Independnce for Scotland?

  john bunyan 16:49 01 Dec 2009

As an English person I have no right to have an opinion on this except as how such a move would affect us. I hope the Scots will remain a part of UK, but if not a number of consequences will ensue - lower taxes for England, higher for Scotland (Barnett formula abolished) ; a possible permanent Tory government in England; a much smaller and less efficient Armed Forces etc etc.
As both, for now, would be members of the EU, it would be intersting to see how many Scots elect to work in England and vice versa. In some ways a referendum along with the next election may clarify things, but would this be only for the Scots, or for the whole of the UK?

  peter99co 16:57 01 Dec 2009

Are you saying we have a Labour Government because Scotland is not independant?

Where does your assertion "less efficient Armed Forces come from"?

  oresome 17:08 01 Dec 2009

"As an English person I have no right to have an opinion on this...."

I'll defend your right to have an opinion on any subject under the Sun. I don't necessarily agree with all your conclusions however.

  john bunyan 17:11 01 Dec 2009

No, but if Scotland were totally independant , like it or not England would have a built in Tory majority.
My assertion re armed forces is at several levels. Firstly the main strategic deterrent are the Trident Submarines based at Faslane and with the weapons at Coulport. Would England or Scotland own them? - where would they move to if England kept them? (I do not want to go off on a tangent as to whether or not we should have a nuclear deterrent at all). Secondly all three Armed forces have integrated bases in both countries with command and tasking structures which suit them - to have two seperate Armies, Navies and Air Forces would have very obvious inefficiencies of scale. There are so many examples that there is not space here to list them all, but just imagine the Brigade if Guards withut the Scots Guards under command , or 3 Commando Brigade without one of its units.

  john bunyan 17:13 01 Dec 2009

not a war!!

  Bingalau 17:28 01 Dec 2009

John Bunyan, You and I have both experienced the armed forces over a lot of years. I think that like me you would be extremely upset to lose the capabilities and rivalry of the Scottish regiments. (not to mention the Scottish people themselves).

I have many Scottish friends from my time in the forces and we all think the world of each other. Why are some people determined to break up a perfectly good partnership? Surely the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here?

  john bunyan 17:43 01 Dec 2009

Yes, I fully agree. I suppose the excellent Scottish training facilities could be hired but the points you make are quite right - the Scots are a wonderful, brave, and essential part of the UK Armed Forces.
I wonder how popular the idea of a totally seperate Scotland is on these forums and in Scotland as a whole?

  birdface 17:58 01 Dec 2009

I think you will find that the majority of Scottish folk are not interested in Independence.
[They probably saw what happened in Independence Day and don't want that to happen to them.]
All joking aside I think that you would get a resounding No from North of the border.

  Input Overload 18:20 01 Dec 2009

How about independence for England.

  sunnystaines 18:21 01 Dec 2009

money saved though do having to pay the large benefits bill would be used to pay rent to allow our military bases to operate and for our oil rigs to remain in scottish waters.

  Woolwell 19:05 01 Dec 2009

"In other words, Salmond is trying to pander to the anti-nuclear left without having to say what happens to all the Scots who feed their families by working on defence related matters."

Quite agree - if work moves south from Rosyth (in Gordon Brown's constituency?) and Faslane then English bases are likely to be happy. The RAF bases and RM and Army barracks have to be considered too.

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