Independent Living Fund to be shut down

  john 52 20:23 13 Dec 2010
  karmgord 20:25 13 Dec 2010

Pick on the venerable?

  egapup 20:37 13 Dec 2010

Very sad.

  john 52 20:43 13 Dec 2010

The UK’s foreign aid bill stood at £8.4billion last year and is forecast to hit £12.6billion in 2014.

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I presume the LD supported this policy ??

  peter99co 22:42 13 Dec 2010

A local council has said recently in the News that a 95 year old has got to pay an additional £200 per week in her nursing home.

If a disabled person lost their £300 per week allowance and had to move to a home to receive care they would need to be funded about £700+ per week.

Or am I out of touch? The maths don't add up!

  hssutton 23:25 13 Dec 2010

Yes you could say your maths don't add up.

The severely disabled receive far more than the £300 independant living allowance. You must also take into account other benefits, such as Income support, disability allowance and mobility allowance this would be approx £1000 per 4 weeks, assuming they receive mobility allowance.

One thing I'm not sure about is the difference if any in "Independant Living Allowance" and "Direct Payment" which a lot of disabled people receive.

  john 52 09:12 14 Dec 2010

The Independent Living Allowance is for the most severely disabled members of our society which makes it possible for them to live independently at home .
If this fund was not available it is very likely that with the care needed a care home would be the only option

  john 52 10:33 14 Dec 2010

I am sure many disabled people who are able to live in there own homes and who had there quality of life improved would disagree.

The clue is in the title

Independent Living Allowance

  peter99co 22:01 14 Dec 2010

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Next year, it says, following a report by the Commission on the Funding of Care and Support, it will consult on how best to continue to support users of the fund.

This will be within a care system "based on the principles of personalised budgets, the findings of the commission and recognising the importance of the support that ILF users have built their lives around".

  peter99co 22:53 14 Dec 2010

The emphasis is on the word Independant I think.
If only more could be done in this way to allow people to stay out of care homes.

It still comes down mostly to family members being able to provide support in many cases but have to give up a normal paid job to do it.

  john 52 23:15 14 Dec 2010

You can split hairs as much as you like fourum member but I think this comment sums it up quite well .

"Removing the ILF will leave already cash-strapped local authorities even worse off - and they in turn will be looking at ways of cutting back on the support that they provide for disabled people with very high support needs,"

Uncertainty is the last thing disabled people need with regards there future care

I am sure you are a caring human being and do not support this especially without making it clear what the future holds

You are correct I did refer to it as the Independent Living Allowance in a post but as the tittle of the thread states "Independent Living Fund "I thought you may had grasped what the thread was about !

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