Incredibly stupid people!

  Jak_1 16:14 06 Sep 2009

Having just returned fron a quick trip to the local supermarket for some milk, a journey of just 1 mile, I encountered 2 acts of stupidity.

1. Just after driving off from home having gone but a few yards, a woman with a young babe in her arms decides to just walk out into the road without looking and walk along the road a few yards to an awaiting car, she had her back to oncoming traffic!

2. A teenage girl of approximately 18/19 walked right in front of me as I was 3/4 of the way into a parking bay Forcing me to hit the brake sharply. She didn't even turn her head to look at me but merely ambled on her merry way as if oblivious that she could have been badly injured!

Had I hit any of the two then I have no doubt that all and sundry would have wanted me hung, drawn and quartered for not paying due care and attention. The fact is fortunately I was but sadly they were not! Many pedestrians are very quick to blame the motorist for accidents but rarely look at themselves as being the cause!

  interzone55 16:32 06 Sep 2009

Some people are stupid enough to drive a mile to the supermarket for milk - the fuel used will have doubled the price...

  DANZIG 16:34 06 Sep 2009

They're everywhere!

I finish work at about 10 o'clock at night and when I'm working in Halifax I have to drive through the town centre.

Saturday nights are a nightmare! There are a load of pubs and clubs on one road that have loads of people either queueing up or having a fag outside. They're all over the place!

Wakefield is worse, in fact its that bad the police have closed off an area of the town to all vehicles except emergency ones on a weekend night. I've had my car kicked, spat at and fallen on in the past there.

...and don't ask me about cyclists!!!!

  Jak_1 16:37 06 Sep 2009

Though I didn't mention it in my post, I have a blue disabled parking badge. Walking even short distances leaves me breathless, it would have taken me nearly an hour just to walk the one mile there.

  interzone55 16:51 06 Sep 2009

Nowhere closer?

My neighbour (who isn't disabled, well not physically) drives his 3 litre turbo charged car to the co-op, less than 400 yards, to get his fags...

  Jak_1 17:02 06 Sep 2009

All the corner shops have closed down bar one, and that's only round the corner from the supermarket! In that corner shop, a 2 pint container of milk would have cost me 40p more than the same product at the supermarket.
However distance does not prevent stupidity!

  BT 17:07 06 Sep 2009

I would put money on at least one of them gazing at a mobile welded to their hot little hand!!

  g0slp 17:49 06 Sep 2009

Or being plugged into an MP3 player...

  dagnammit 18:01 06 Sep 2009

Mobile wielded to a hot little hand and another person "plugged" into an mp3 player.

Stupidity is everywhere.

  Chris the Ancient 18:05 06 Sep 2009

... is those Mums who load their offspring into a child safety seat from the road side of the car. There they are with their bum stuck out in the road and their head in the car with no idea of what traffic is around. And the narrower the road, the more those hind quarters seem to stick out.

And when it comes to unloading... they back out themselves with their offspring held in their arms without being able to see (or even looking for) what is coming.

  peter99co 18:12 06 Sep 2009

Loudly. I do just to see how offensive the resulting two fingered salute is.

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