Improved Performance Or What?

  mothercat 20:45 22 Apr 2007

My computer has being running a bit slow for the past few weeks. (OK, it’s two years old and the, experts! will throw up their hands in horror and say it should have been dumped at least 18 months ago!) It’s being working with 500mb memory and I have considered upping that to 1gb but don’t want to splash out £50 plus if the experts happen to be right! I recently seen a free tester for ‘Diskeeper’ which is the ‘bee’s knees’ for improving computer performance, according to its sales pitch. So I installed it and hay presto—nothing, not one hint of improvement. Very impressive looking charts with multi coloured lines all over the place but quite frankly I may as well be looking into a hedge for all it meant to me.

Over the years I must have tried dozens of these ‘improvement’ programmes and I cannot think of a single one that made one iota of difference, apart from the one or two that wiped everything off my drive. Could ‘PC Adviser’ etc test out the efficacy of these gimmicks and issue test reports on them?

  Stuartli 20:56 22 Apr 2007

Diskeeper is a respected product - the most likely reason for it seemingly not working is that you have failed to use or configure it properly to do what is required.

  mothercat 21:09 22 Apr 2007

Hi Stuartli,
you are probably right. However this programme came with the blurb that it would set itself on auto and do its job without being noticed! So I left it to do just that, result,big fat zero. I had a look at the 'manual' (hence the reference to fancy charts!) and perhaps, just perhaps if I spent a few months studying the workings and instructions I might get something from it. But guess I'll just dump it and get a few more ram.

  Totally-braindead 21:25 22 Apr 2007

You'd be better doing some housekeeping than just adding more RAM in my opinion. I obviously don't know your setup but running MSCONFIG for example and cutting down on the number of programs run at startup can make a huge difference as can doing a defrag, deleting files and programs you no longer need and running something like crapcleaner click here to get rid of leftovers etc.

  DrScott 21:36 22 Apr 2007

I'm sorry I just have to say this but:


I've rarely found these programs to be that useful. A clean up of the HDD and registry using CCleaner usually does the trick for me.

  Forum Editor 22:59 22 Apr 2007

I'm inclined to agree.

I've yet to see a utility that fulfilled its promise, and over the years I've learnt to put my faith in good housekeeping. All my office hard drives are defragmented regularly, and all rubbish cleared out. Apart from that we do nothing, and the machines run along, day in and day out, with rarely a hitch.

  mothercat 08:59 23 Apr 2007

I do some defrag, clean out etc but obviously not enough, so I'll put aside a few hours today and get down to it.
Thanks again,
Kind Regards

  Colin 12:55 23 Apr 2007

CCleaner and Startup Control Panel, click here, are all I use. I used to use System Mechanic. It gave me a fancy interface and lots of info, but I couldn't see what it did better then the 2 free apps I use now. However, I would recommend a reformat of your hard drive and reinstalling Windows about once a year. When you do that, it really shows how slow your PC has become.

  wee eddie 15:57 23 Apr 2007

What one has to accept is that PCs are not necessarily that fast.

As others have said, a little house work will get your PC to get closer it's own potential top speed.

Your RAM appears to be 512MB which is at the lower limit of XP's range, another 512MG, or even 1GB, would make the world of difference, visit Crucial's Website to see what it will cost you. Replacing RAM is not difficult and requires no technical knowledge.

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