impounded car about to be crushed any help ideas?

  kaowner 21:24 25 Dec 2008

do you konw of anyone with insurance cover that can release impounded car ?hi my first post similar to another thread i know but i feel it warranted a separate one .
my ford ka was impounded by police (merseyside) it is insured and on the database , at the time due to missing /lost post there was no tax disc displayed .although paid for .(now have replacement tax disc )
my girlfriend took it out to local shop(provisional licence) so the car was stoppped car from moving off as she went to drive away.
no licenced driver was with her no l plates .its a mile at most from home . .
ok short facts car impounded my licence sent off for points still not sent back from the place (not swansea )i cannot release car without this even though police can check i have a licence ,got mot ins tax .they will not allow me to recover car till it is physically presented at police station.
how do i get it back ? its 14 days! police are no help whatsoever .does anyone know a solution . the car has sentimental value luckily its worth less than 1000 but thats not the point .id LIKE TO GET IT BACK JUST TO STICK TWO FINGERS UP TO THE UNHELPFUL WORKERS IN THE POLICE STATION (POSS CIVVIES rather than real officers )who seem to adopt a very bad attitude.
my view of the police and op" tango" have been trashed by this my first dealings with a police station.

  MAT ALAN 21:32 25 Dec 2008

.does anyone know a solution

ONLY ONE solution, present docs, get car back, easy innit!!!!

  perpetual motion 22:00 25 Dec 2008

kaowner" you will get a loada replies from PCA as most people here like to help even if there reply isnt what you expected, as what MAT ALAN suggested it sounds good poss best idea, id personaly go into the police station & explain your wating for doc's (Unless ive read it wrong) i cannot express how important it is for you to keep a good moral up with them at the end of the day they are king!!

they (The police) can make it either hard for you depending on your attitude with them (A smile wont go a miss) remember names & the most important is you must "CHILL"

they crush cars as a VERY VERY last resort & if your car is worth some money they would normaly be somewhat flexable with you & expect you o supply them with the relevant details etc,

they WONT just crush your car trust me just make sure you dont do what you did again & be on the ball with things..

  octal 22:14 25 Dec 2008

Not wishing to put a damper on things, but a colleague had his car removed from him and it was crushed before he had a chance to get the documents to them. It seemed like the authorities were quite unreasonable and would even discuss the issue with him at all. I hope you have better luck.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:53 25 Dec 2008

No licence, no L plates, no insurance (not being accompanied voids the cover). I've been hit before by someone like this, and I ended up thousands out of pocket.

I say crush the car and good riddance.


  LastChip 00:03 26 Dec 2008

I've got about as much sympathy as you.

There are far too many people prepared to flout the law and it's always (in the case of an accident) the innocent that suffer. I accept in this case, that did not happen, but it may have.

  Stuartli 00:08 26 Dec 2008

If a car is on the insurance companies' database it is readily available to the police (unless an insurance company takes a little while to renew the information).

You can check if it is on the database at:

click here

I'm in the Merseyside Police area and, to be frank, the general concensus among most motorists is all power to the force's determination to get erring drivers' vehicles off the roads.

ANPR equipped patrol cars and other means enable Merseyside Police to crack down hard on such motorsts, the majority of whom have no insurance - we all know what else that involves and how it affects, or can affect, law abiding drivers.

It can affect all classes - a lot of the vehicles impounded are Mercedes, BMWs etc.

  Tazfan 00:31 26 Dec 2008

It sounds like the Police had a valid reason to impound the car. The distance it was driven illegally is irrelevant. 1 mile, 20 miles, or 50 yards. It was driven illegally (even if she did have valid insurance, the lack of L plates, no qualified driver with her, and no Tax Displayed [the offence is "not displaying", whether its been paid for or not makes no difference. It MUST be displayed], and therefore the Police acted correctly.
I would hope that this experience will prevent a repeat of her driving while unqualified to do so, and running a higher risk of causing/being involved in an accident.
Losing the car will be a very valuable lesson indeed.
Im afraid I will not be losing any sleep over this.

  Forum Editor 01:44 26 Dec 2008

by an unaccompanied learner driver without L Plates, no tax disc was displayed, and the insurance was void; that's a handful of offences in one.

How you have the nerve to criticise the police for doing their job astonishes me, and as far as I'm concerned you deserve all the hassle you say you're getting. We're not going to waste any more time on this.

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