'the impaler' for president !

  Probabilitydrive 17:39 17 Jul 2007

Just in time for the showdown at the high guildhall between Boris the Bumbling and Ken the Red we are reminded that Screaming Lord Such (bless his dark soul) must have cloned himself in the colonies in time to stand for presidency.

The Vampyres Witches Pagans Party is a nice little outfit click here

If that got your blood boiling you definitely have to vote for Sharkey the Impaler click here
click here

The one I would give my vote is Don J. Grundmann who wants to liberate the USA from 'The Matrix' and wants that all citizens swallow 'the red pill'... click here I'm strangely attracted to this one.. but he's loosing me on his view on; why homosexuality is more harmful than smoking...

Ever wondered why we don't wear togas, indulge in Bacchus orgies and run around not having daggers protruding from our backs? Well, its all down to Jack Grimes click here who is living proof why the Romans went belly up in the first place. His plea of a 'worldwide military dictatorship for the abolishment of paper money' is as good my plea of 'freedom for all, abolish gravity'...give me asses milk any time I say.

Finally,Gene Amondson-the grim reaper- click here would give all those binge drinkers a run for their money. White mice? Ha! Death visions from yesteryear. Die with the In-crowed vote for Gene..

With all todays Russian spy politics news, I really felt inspired...

  Forum Editor 17:51 17 Jul 2007

I think Boris might make quite a good mayor. The mayor of a big city like London should be a slightly larger-than-life character, and Boris is certainly a member of that club.

There are enough experts in the Mayoral office to ensure that any incumbent doesn't make too big a mess of it all.

  Probabilitydrive 18:25 17 Jul 2007

Today's tendency of voting for personality politicians would suit Boris just fine. Flamboyancy and playing to the crowd is like bread to the masses.

What is of concern is; to what degree are we getting used to appearance over substance, personality over content. Do we have to think of a London mayors role along the lines of a 'yes minister' scenario?

  Forum Editor 18:34 17 Jul 2007

"Flamboyancy and playing to the crowd" has been part of politics for centuries. Some of the best political figures in our history might never have been elected, but for their ability to work a crowd. Churchill was a classic example, as was Ernest Bevan.

These people knew how to put a serious message across in an easily digested package, and their success at doing it was partly what ensured their place in history.

I'm not for a moment suggesting that Boris is from the same mould as Churchill or Bevan, but he certainly knows how to grab one's attention. I heard him do a speech once, and I realised that there's more to him in the intellectual department than is immediately apparent - he successfully hides quite a bright light under a bushel of buffoonery.

  Kate B 20:55 17 Jul 2007

It's Ernest Bevin, actually, not Bevan ;-) Or did you mean Nye Bevan?

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