imode from o2

  wint 15:36 23 Nov 2005

Has anyone subscribed to imode yet?

It almost looks too good to be true, 1000 anytime X network minutes and 175 texts per month for £35... It is an 18 month contract.

Oh, it does mobile internet too but that doesn't interest me that much but thought I'd mention it as this is a PC forum :-)

E-mail on the move could be of interest though.

I am not sure what is missing, how can the same company do tariffs like imode click here and compete with it's own £30 for 400 minutes and 150 texts (online 200 with 18 month contract click here=). Are they just trying to push imode with good deals??

I am thinking "if it looks too good to be true it probably is"...

  jbp1982 17:11 23 Nov 2005

"if it looks too good to be true it probably is"...

looks good to me, and it's on the o2 shop site, has to be a legit offer. I've only had my current phone a couple of months, shame.

  The Moog 21:25 23 Nov 2005

Check out the XDA Exec on the same site too. It's a high end, fully featured PDA with 3G and WiFi.... for £149.99.

Great deal! click here

There's double minutes on the 18 month deals too!

Not to be sniffed at :)

  wint 00:24 24 Nov 2005

Now the XDA Exec does look good...

My contract is due for renewal in January - that's why I started looking. Will nip into the o2 shop and have a closer look.

Still use the online tariff though, I do quite a few texts.

Cheers The Moog


  roisin dubh 17:14 24 Nov 2005

If anyone seriously does want any advice on this product (and I'm not an advertiser etcetera) my other half works for O2 and is sick to the back teeth of the amount of promo they have to do for Imode. Still at least it means she is (allegedly) all clued up and can answer other questions that may not be cleared up by website

(is also hoping the guy in the big red suit trades my current xda to the new one, invaluable tool that it is with tomtom bolted on etc)

  wint 19:36 24 Nov 2005

Hi roisin dubh.

Yes I would love some inside info. Been with o2 for a couple years and contract is up for renewal in Jan.

Currently online 200, £30 month, 200 X net mins and 500 texts of which I use 200 - 350 texts and often go over my minutes too so £35 for 750 minutes and 750 texts looks pretty good.

I assume the offer is to entice people to use imode but do the calls use the same transmitters and have the same coverage as normal o2 or is it like "3" which, some say, is lacking?

Thanks, Wint.

  roisin dubh 20:23 24 Nov 2005

Hi wint

have asked partner and one of guys at Leeds who is involved more in the imode side of things. He says that the coverage is the same, the Imode service uses the same transmitters.

The main difference is that the imode service uses a different internet protocol, what he called in layman's terms "a very swanky wap service". He also says that the internet pages with imode load a lot quicker and your phone is automatically assigned an email address. So basically emails would go straight to the handset like text messages.

That's as much as I could glean out of him in the five minutes or so before his mobile phone connection dropped, but I hope it helps explain more for you.

  roisin dubh 20:32 24 Nov 2005

A quick p.s. tho' that I was advised about afte rI hit the post response button. O2 are having some teething problems with it being such a new service but they are working to resolve them. I suppose it's the same whenever you take a new product to market

  wint 21:01 24 Nov 2005

Thanks very much roisin dubh. That does clear a few questions.

I think I'll nip into the local o2 shop.


  RhyderKey 11:50 15 Dec 2005

*iMode is a new protocol i.e. iMode differs from WAP by the code its uses, WAP use WML coding while iMode used cHTML, c is for compact
*Its web page size limit is smaller, a page can only be 10k and 20k depends on some phones, when 3G come out that will be increased
*it has very limited compatible sites (100 sites only) but more are coming, i.e. banks
*You will be able to access normal website but it may distort as the iMode screen dimensions also differ from WAP and past mobile Internet dimensions
*It is still 2G but 3G is coming in the New Year
*There are only two types of phone out but two more are going to be available soon, bring the total to four
*When you get an email it will be sent straight to your phone
*You still need to dial up to have Internet access
*Mobile operators find iMode attractive because the approach is to offload responsibility to content providers for download and for the direct relationship with end users of their applications (i-mode uses a subscription system to charge users).
*The operator menu is very simple, dividing down at the top level into application categories (news, weather, ringtones, games, etc.) and then pointing to a list of content providers 'portals' or iMode sites from which users can access these services. Each site typically provides some information, and then invites the user to subscribe.

There are several debates where whether iMode will succeed in this country. Here are the some of the points for the debate

*Product is unknown to the mass public
*It has a single provider thus the people that use it will be severely decrease and why should a company put time and effort in developing a site that only a few people can access
*A few developers have a general have a dislike for the iMode as they feel its limited
*J2ME is around the corner which is a better coding then cHTML

  RhyderKey 11:52 15 Dec 2005

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