Immigrants have had enough!

  Quickbeam 08:01 07 Mar 2008

click here Not quite 'the land of milk and honey' they thought...?

  newman35 10:26 07 Mar 2008

From the look of it, this thread may well descend into the 'anti-immigrant' rants we have suffered before - Oh dear!

egapup, I expect you, or any family, will never be needing NHS or dentists etc. etc. If you ever do then your loud 'hurray' may well be premature!

  johndrew 10:26 07 Mar 2008

Given that our `friends` across the Channel are so keen to prevent illegals being detected in lorries by the use of X-rays (on health and safety pretexts), perhaps the only `repatriation` we need to pay is the cost of a ferry ticket to France. Then the French taxpayer can pick up the tab for the air fares. ;-)

  helen_312 11:42 07 Mar 2008

'Sir Andrew Green, of Migration Watch UK, said: “It seems crazy to stop illegal immigrants leaving the country of their own free will.'

The chances are very high that they are illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants.

What do you want the law and the government to do? At present we spend money trying to stop them sneaking in and then trying to find those who have slipped through. The government go through the legal process and have a scheme where they give grants of upto £3,000 to set them up back in there own country. They also foot the accommodation and transport costs.

If they want to go home, let them go.

  newman35 12:38 07 Mar 2008

Let us suppose that one of these illegal immigrants had previously committed rape, murder, abused children etc ?

Would you still be saying "If he wants to leave, it's OK with me, let him go" !!

Anyone leaving, just like entering needs to be checked, prior to departure.

  lisa02 12:51 07 Mar 2008

newman35 I would say let him go. How's the law of the UK gonna punnish him?

Put him up in a hotel (sorry prison) with all his wants and needs provided for?

  newman35 15:16 07 Mar 2008

You really are saying "Let them go" - even if it had been one of your family who had suffered??!!
Sorry, I do not believe you.
You would want 'justice' or revenge.
Would you let our 'homegrown' murderers etc also go? In which case you are being discriminatory (and totally naive).

  birdface 16:06 07 Mar 2008

On the news last night any Immigrants in prison are to be offered £3.000 to go back home as the prisons here are overcrowded.Wonder if I would get that if I went back to scotland.

  newman35 16:28 07 Mar 2008

Nice try - but the flaw is in the wording ..."in prison..." !!
Assuming you are not (but hey, you're from Scotland!!) then I think it unlikely. :)

  Forum Editor 16:44 07 Mar 2008

that if you can't post in an adult way your contribution will be deleted. We're not here so that a few people can make inane, juvenile remarks every time the subject of immigrants crops up.

  Totally-braindead 17:37 07 Mar 2008

Assumming that they are not wanted or suspected of a crime I see no reason not to let them go. You certainly don't want to keep them. As to paying to send them back I'm not in favour of that but at the end of the day if we find illegal immigrants in this country we deport them and thats surely the same as what is happening to them anyway. We do pay for the deportation of illegal immigrants so surely this is a bit of a fuss about nothing and its only been highlighted as they want to leave.

I wish the rest of the illegals would want to leave as well.

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