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  Sethhaniel 14:19 05 Jun 2006

New to computers
buy a clean PC and before you decide which op system to use us whether OEM windows - LINUX or whatever

finally decide on LINUX or anything but Windows
But Windows have sneaked a program onto your computer that you can't get rid of, you've guessed it the microsoft Genuine software update -

Its not on your hard drive - its lurking elsewhere on your computer ready to destroy your system

  Shortstop 15:10 05 Jun 2006

"ready to destroy your system" is a bit of an overkill. I am not aware of anyone having their system 'destroyed' because of this [it is easily overcome anyhow].

i haven't got Linux but surely if you buy a PC, decide on Linux then you format the whole drive then re-install your OS? No more Genuine Software Advantage .... And, even if it does still lurk, no MS = no need to update = program doesn't run?



  Sethhaniel 15:33 05 Jun 2006

destroyed my system -and looking at postings here and searching web - 45,000+ hits on google on that one update.

no need to update but surely its hogging a bit of resourse in the computer so making it less able to function to full capacity - even putting a new hard drive in doesnt get rid of it (been there done that got the t-shirt)- its in the computer

  Shortstop 15:41 05 Jun 2006

Well, many of those hits could be from people simply wondering what this sudden pop-up is. I don't remember too much publicity before the event about this which is not surprising in view of the reason behind the program!

The program only runs in update mode, not at any other time and it is a small program so the amount of disk space it takes up is negligable. It cannot run unless MS Windows is being updated so it cannot possible hog resources.

Sorry to hear about your PC crashing - first I'd heard about this. Thought it would just display a pop-up & not allow further updates.

Would you post a link to your thread please?



  DieSse 15:43 05 Jun 2006

*even putting a new hard drive in doesnt get rid of it (been there done that got the t-shirt)- its in the computer*

Then you must be misunderstanding something somewhere. There is nowhere that MS have access to that they could store something on a computer that you could not remove, or that changing your hard drive would not remove. It simply ain't possible.

The BIOS is the only bit of hardware where a program could reside apart from the hard drive - BIOS are these days protected against anything being written to them - and in any case, the BIOS is made by third parties and if MS even tried to use it (and bear in mind that on the vast majority of systems they cannot use it), it would immediately be discovered and they would be rightly pilloried for it. They just wouldn't try.

  Sethhaniel 16:04 05 Jun 2006

beg to differ
it has locked the old drive from loading xp in any form saying that disk has 'unresolvable problems'
though manufactures 'burn in' test as well as win98 chkdsk & scanndisk give it 100% all clear

complete new drive - with no access to old one-
fdisk formatted and loaded with xp - when SP2 disk loaded comes up with the Genuine software warning - prooving that it is elsewhere on computer maybe BIOS - ( as it is also from a third party and not actually Microsofts own brand )

  Sethhaniel 16:05 05 Jun 2006

click here

just one of the threads on this forum

  bosmere 16:14 05 Jun 2006

"prooving that it is elsewhere on computer maybe BIOS"

Sethhaniel could it be on the SP2 disc you're using?

  Shortstop 16:20 05 Jun 2006

But Storik's PC was not DESTROYED! All he had to do was call Microsoft & explain the situation. They would have provided a COA key & he inputs that at the 'get genuine copy' icon - not too much hassle [from one who has been there & got the T-shirt ;o)]. remember that the PC still worked?

Also, DieSse is correct. There is nowhere for this program to load other than on the Hard Disk - and then within a Windows folder [a Microsoft program]. If you format the hard drive, then no more program [you would have to format anyhow if you chose Linux as not many PC Builders supply this pre-installed]. It cannot 'live' anywhere else -BIOS is locked out by default due to all the Viri [?] that used to alter settings in the old days and the RAM is cleared when you power down the PC.

The unresolvable problems you mention cannot have anything to do with this. It is an additional tool loaded when you update windows and checks whether you have a genuine copy of windows; it makes no changes whatsoever, but if the Windows is not confirmed to be genuine it launches a pop up & blocks UPDATES to windows only - you can still use the PC. There isn't even a ticking bomb [i.e. correct within 30 days or your PC will be locked out].

As much as you may not want to accept it, you must have experienced just an unfortunate co-incidence.



  Shortstop 16:21 05 Jun 2006

Genuine advantage is downloaded during an update to Windows. as far as i know, MS have not yet added this to SP2 discs ......

  ade.h 16:22 05 Jun 2006

There is a third storage area in some laptops; the TPM. But it would not be hiding in there and desktops don't (AFAIK) have them anyway.

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