Image row prompts CCTV switch-off

  peter99co 17:53 30 Mar 2009

The Traffic Management Act 2004 states that images need to be 720x576 pixels - but the digital cameras broadcast images which are
704x576 pixels.

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A £15m wireless digital CCTV network is set to be to shut down in a row over image quality.

Upgrading would cost £2.5m

  Charence 17:57 30 Mar 2009

to amend the act?

  wiz-king 18:00 30 Mar 2009

I can see some legal beagles getting fat!
One lot getting refunds from any fines paid and another trying to get Westminster council some money back from the equipment supplier.

  peter99co 18:24 30 Mar 2009

I wonder how much difference between the two images they would get after an upgrade.

414720 pixels required size

405504 pixels current size

difference of 9216 pixels

Who set the minimum image requirement?

  Kevscar1 19:21 30 Mar 2009

someone with minimum brain requirement

  pchelper001 19:44 30 Mar 2009

is that 'Westminster Council's 100 parking enforcement cameras have been in use since 2006 and can clearly read vehicles' registration plates.' Can clearly read reg plates. Why fix something that isn't broken?! Surely the act should be changed to accommodate systems that have been working well, or it would be pointless.

  mark2 19:51 30 Mar 2009

as the act was enacted beforehand shouldn't the cameras chosen conform to the requirement, they did have 2 yrs to get the right ones

  interzone55 20:14 30 Mar 2009

I've never seen the Department of Transport guidelines, but the Information Commissioners guidelines, which are far more extensive, do not state a minimum image resolution, rather a % of the screen that the target fills.

This is a lot more realistic goal, as you could have a 720 x 576 image with a number plate only filling 10% of the image, whereas a better targeted, but lower resolution image would give a clearer result.

By the way, 720 x 576 is DVD resolution, whereas analogue CCTV uses 704 x 576, normally called D1 or 4CIF. So whoever wrote the rule is a first class idiot.

Digital CCTV cameras often use VGA resolution, 640 x 480, but many manufacturers are switching to 1.3mp, 1280 x 960, which is 4 x VGA, or even higher. These resolutions seem low by digital camera standards, but the sensors are better and have to stream 25fps without fail, not something that your average digi cam can manage.

I saw a demonstration of a camera last week that gave a 37 megapixel 360° image, very nice, but hugely expensive...

  peter99co 09:45 31 Mar 2009

By the way, 720 x 576 is DVD resolution, whereas analogue CCTV uses 704 x 576, normally called D1 or 4CIF. So whoever wrote the rule is a first class idiot.

In my experience It is quite commonplace to-day for government departments to employ idiots to advise.

Maybe Westminster should explain why the size of camera chosen was based on better advice.

  interzone55 12:23 31 Mar 2009

I'm well informed because I deal with CCTV tenders written by idiots on a daily basis...

  lotvic 20:11 31 Mar 2009

IDtenT error again :))

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