I'm a tad nervous

  Si_L 03:01 16 Aug 2007

I can't sleep. A-Level results in a few hours :(

  wolfie3000 04:05 16 Aug 2007

Sorry to here that, i hope it all goes well.

I wish i could offer some advise,

All i can suggest is do something that you find relaxing.

Reminds me of a saying my father had, he said "Only worry about things you can solve and once solved theres no reason to worry"

In other words dont worry about it and you should be ok.

I know that may seem like a stupid idea but trust me it does work.

Good luck for tomorrow.

  laurie53 09:02 16 Aug 2007

Don't worry Si_L.

If you believe all the reports the current exams are so easy you'll have walked it!

Keep us posted.

  Chegs ®™ 11:17 16 Aug 2007

Good luck.

I am a mite confused by all the talk of these exams being easy.

Could it not be that the teachers have done a sterling job and the high pass rate is proof?

  newman35 12:26 16 Aug 2007

But it appears teachers and pupils must have been doing better each year for 25 years - or maybe the government likes high pass rates so they can bask in the glory and 'feel-good' thus generated?
I do not believe today's pupils are any better academically, or more hardworking - which only leaves 'standards' are changing, IMHO.

  Cymro. 13:46 16 Aug 2007

I wonder if you are one of these modern young people who check their results on the Internet?

We are rather too quick to be always criticizing young people. I doubt very much if exams are in fact all that much easier these days. Give the youngsters some credit for a change.

I dare say that they have all worked very hard in preparation for their exams. Good luck to them all I say.

  Stuartli 17:31 16 Aug 2007

A teacher was quoted on BBC News 24 today as saying he presented a 1960s A-level paper to his pupils (can't remember the subject).

None of them managed to do it with any great success.

Whilst appreciating that the majority of teenagers work extremely hard taking such exams, I often wonder if they would succeed in matching my other half's eight A Levels gained at the end of the 1950s?

She went on to become a top level radiographer.

Certainly she had far more between the ears than I did at the time judging on exam results...:-(

  Legolas 17:50 16 Aug 2007

I wonder where Si_L is he is either too busy celebrating good results or he is drowning his sorrows hope its the former.

  Forum Editor 19:05 16 Aug 2007

but if you didn't, relax in the sure knowledge that there's life after A levels. I have a good friend who is a lot younger than me, and who didn't work that hard when he was at school. He got appalling A level grades, and had to go into the UCAS clearing system. He ended up with a place in one of the big provincial universities doing psychology and sociology, and spent most of his time at university sampling the local pubs, and being one of the most popular people in his peer group. How he managed to get a 2/1 is beyond me, but he did, and he now has an extremely well-paid and satisfying job in investment banking.

It's as much about the kind of person you are as anything else.

None of which will worry you, because you probably got fantastic grades.

  jack 20:10 16 Aug 2007

A levels to mean that to pass the individual has had to read and construct information to enable him/her put cogent responses to questions asked - So what
You will probably be never asked the question again.

When given the choice -look eleven plus or take the day off - I took the day off from that day forward I did not sit for any exam of note.
That was more than 60 years ago
I did OK.
I am not belittling the system there has to be some form of assessment for potential further education and employers to judge who is be fore them
As FE said - there is a life after A Levels.

  Bingalau 21:23 16 Aug 2007

I left school at 14 with nothing in the way of exams passed. However whilst in the services I managed to obtain six GCSE's. These did me no good whatsoever. Back in Civvy Street they were no use either. I didn't need them to run a pub or for any other job I did.

But I enjoyed the time spent studying for them and proved to myself that I could do things which I previously thought were unattainable. But as a help in my career...Zilch..

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