I'm so happy!

  Magic Hobo 20:32 01 Sep 2005

that Blueyonder are raising their speeds of Broadband. Earlier this year i was on 256k and in a couple of weeks i'll be on 2mb for only 17.99 a month. Yay. I know this post is probably just a waste of mine and everyone elses time but i had to let my excitement out. Sorry for wasting your time

  Magic Hobo 20:41 01 Sep 2005

that my favourite computer forums problems have been fixed.Yay. Now with faster Broadband and a faster PC Advisor website I'll be able to look at peoples posts and try and offer helpful advice even faster.

Who says good things don't come in pairs :)

  dave_and_confused 21:27 01 Sep 2005

How did you find out? I've heard rumours but have yet to hear anything?

  octal 21:34 01 Sep 2005

All you need now is a Quantum computer so that you'll be able to answer peoples questions before they post them :-)

  Joe R 21:53 01 Sep 2005

I think everyone with the telewest service, has reason to be pleased.

My broadband is being upgraded to 4Mb from, 1Mb, at no extra cost, and for the last few years, IMHO, the service from Blueyonder broadband, has been exemplary.

  Joe R 21:55 01 Sep 2005


click here

  Magic Hobo 22:36 01 Sep 2005

It says on the Blueyonder site at click here

  Forum Editor 22:40 01 Sep 2005

when we feel like running, laughing, through the pouring rain, waving our arms in the air, and ignoring the puzzled looks of the passers by, who are huddled under their umbrellas.

If actors in 1940's movies could do it, you can do it, Magic Hobo, and you haven't wasted anybody's time.

  helmetshine 02:07 02 Sep 2005

I've been with Blueyonder for over 3 years now and must echo Joe R...their service has been first class.

I've also got a double reason to be happy...i'm on their 4 megs at the minute so not only am i going to 10 megs but i'm getting £15 per month off as well.

  patsyanne 20:08 02 Sep 2005

When is AOL going to give us faster broadband ? I am paying £17.99 for 512 whatever it is on broadband ,My friend is on wannado and she has been offered upgrade in speed for £20 one off payment but nothing from AOL they seem to be busy pushing their phone call service !

  lixdexik 21:33 13 Sep 2005

I can't wait to down grade to the 2meg service. I'm on the one meg at the moment and that's well fast enough for me, I don't need 4meg. As soon as the 2meg service comes out I'll be saving £7 a month and get twice the speed. YA HOOOOO.


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