I'm really glad I was born here...

  Picklefactory 18:11 21 Oct 2009

... from long British heritage, as I've just had a look at the sample questions for the British Citizenship test click here and out of the 90 odd example questions there, I would have failed to answer at least 30, or elements of them at least. I'm sure I could have made up a plausible sounding attempt at many of them, but I didn't know many of the answers accurately.

Hope I don't get deported :o(

  lotvic 18:46 21 Oct 2009

Didn't even get half right. Failed miserably.
Hanging my head in shame :(

  birdface 18:50 21 Oct 2009

Yes I think this was posted a few months ago and most failed terribly. I for One got well below the average score.

  Picklefactory 19:25 21 Oct 2009

How on earth is someone who is not a born and bred Brit supposed to get through that? Or is that the object of the exercise?
I thought many of the questions there would only be know by professional statisticians, not ordinary bods like us.

  Noldi 20:21 21 Oct 2009

Q. Where are Geordie, Cockney and Scouse dialects spoken?

A. I know all 3 used to be spoken in a Engineering workshop in West Sussex. Or are they asking for the 3 seperate regions?

As they say at the end
"Good luck with your test!" you will need it.


  Kevscar1 20:36 21 Oct 2009

What are MPs?

and the right answer is

mainly self-serving greedy fiddling power hungry morons with a high disdain for the citizens of this country

  tullie 22:01 21 Oct 2009

Correct,this was posted months ago.

  lotvic 00:02 22 Oct 2009

....and not everyone saw it months ago.
I fail yet again :(
deport me

  Strawballs 04:10 22 Oct 2009

Geordie and Scouse is still widely spoken in the shipyard I work in on the south coast because the last Tory government managed to almost wipeout shipbuilding in this country which does not leave them much choice apart from traveling, mind you the tories have promised to finish off the rest of shipbuilding that they failed to get last time if they get into power.

  jack 08:29 22 Oct 2009

You have to prepare for it/them.
So it is not surprising that any native born Brit[1st 3rd or upmtythird generation ]not to do so well.

The test as such is I imagine, simply a foil to prove the candidate is trying.
How do you present yourself now you have passed your driving test?

  Picklefactory 08:38 22 Oct 2009

Good point, I suppose looking from the other end, if I had to create a series of questions to test knowledge of Britain, what would I put?

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