I'm now pleased to pay my license fee

  mrwoowoo 17:03 08 Jan 2008

I admit to moaning in the past about the tv license fee but have since been swayed.
I have just finished watching big cat diaries that i recorded and WHAT A PROGRAMME!
To watch Tamu the lionesse struggle to bring up her four cubs alone and unprotected was awesome tv.
There was drama,suspense,emotion and even a feeling of affection towards a lionesse and her cubs struggling for survival.
It made me realise that even the largest of the big cats can infact become the hunted when segregated from the pride.
Simon king had a real Affinity and passion towards these animals and the distress showed in his voice and manorism's whenever the cubs were in a life threatening situation.
Great passionate presenters,fantastic filming and an overall package that left me totally in awe.
I shall now renew my lisence fee with a smile on my face.((((O:!

  Giant68 18:31 08 Jan 2008

I have always been relatively happy to pay my licence fee, mainly due to the fact that for every piece of dross shown on BBC there are shows that shine. Pretty much anything with David Attenborough, Horizonn etc. There ahave also been some cracking dramas, and not just teh ones made for the BBC, but US imports too.


a new dose of classic british humour needed, fawlty towers, only fools, etc please beeb.

  oresome 19:02 08 Jan 2008

Steady on mrwoowoo,

They'll be getting complacent!

  Legolas 19:07 08 Jan 2008

Ah that is the beauty of having an OAP in the house I don't have to pay for a TV licence :)

  mrwoowoo 19:19 08 Jan 2008

Stop it now or you'll have me doing another u-turn.
Agree entirely.Where are the future classic comedies?

  oresome 19:42 08 Jan 2008

Having an OAP in the house will only exempt you if they are over 75.

  birdface 20:16 08 Jan 2008

I find it hard to agree with you.Yes they have some excellent programs ,But it is the crap in between that is the problem.Why can't they just manufacture a television that does not show any BBC programs so that we at least have a choice of what to watch.Is it worth the License fee Not as far as I am concerned. It costs About £130 per annum from every householder in the country.We vote MPs into government and what do they do.Vote to keep paying for it.Wow and big deal when you are 75 it's free.The least that they could do would be to give pensioners it free when they reach pension age.I very seldom use it.I normally watch my freeview programs.I personally think it is time it was scrapped, But then again if you said Blue I would probably say Red.

  DANZIG 21:37 08 Jan 2008

I'd rather spend just over a tenner a month and get the opportunity to watch TV without appalling adverts every 10 minutes, than spend nothing and have no other choice.

  mrwoowoo 21:48 08 Jan 2008

I'll tick as resolved now as i only intended to say what a great programme big cat diary was.
Since the license fee debate has been done to death it serves no purpose to start it again.

  interzone55 21:53 08 Jan 2008

1) The licence fee does not just go to BBC TV, it pays for the radio - BBC Radio is much, much better than ILR.

2) Having a TV that doesn't pick up BBC would not exempt you from the licence fee - the licence is for the broadcast receiver, not the BBC

3) would you rather have no licence fee but masses of adverts, sponsorships & yet more phone-ins paying for the BBC, still regarded worldwide as one of the very best broadcasters (that will go rapidly down-hill once commercial pressures are applied)

4) The BBC website is also regarded as one of the worlds best - again, adverts will ruin this site.

I'm more than happy to pass £10 a month for the BBC than I would pass the huge amounts that Murdock asks for, plus the adverts, plus the PPV

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