I'm in the money.

  gengiscant 08:59 08 Feb 2011

Those nice people from the Central Bank of Nigeria have just informed me of the fact that I am a beneficiary of £25,000,000.
Just need to pop my bank details off to them and await my good fortune.

All begging posts welcome.

  Forum Editor 09:06 08 Feb 2011

You and another few million people.

  Pineman100 17:55 08 Feb 2011

I only got $4-million. ;o(

It hasn't actually arrived yet, but any day now....

  Legolas 18:56 08 Feb 2011

Well I've been waiting for my £8,000,000 for a couple of years now. I'm sure it's on it's way, after all Nigeria is a long way away.

  ams4127 19:20 08 Feb 2011

I was wandering through a shopping complex in Bangkok a few years back with a couple of mates when we were approached by a couple of large black men.

"Hello, we are from Nigeria and we have a plan...."

Didn't get any further because a lot of bad language ensued and then they left.

FE will know the place because I've forgotten it's name. I remember it has a train station on, I think, the 13th floor.

Perhaps I could have become wealthy if the conversation had continued!

  Quickbeam 19:32 08 Feb 2011

Can anyone lend me the two grand to claim my Nigerian fortune? I'll pay four grand back to you out of it.

  Big L 266 19:41 08 Feb 2011


gengiscant....Is that Central Bank of Nigeria owned by that Nigerian Astronaut who was short of a few sheckles some years ago and sent me a 'begging' email to get him back to Earth?If you do get the dosh - grovel grovel grovel - may I please have £100,000 for a holiday at Butlin?!

I had a little bit of fun with one of these a few years ago. I set up a one-off email address with all false information and said I was prepared to help them out. I said if they sent the money to me first,in US Dollar cash only,I'd hand it on to the chief banker when he arrived at my then flat to collect it. I said my fees were 35% commission off the whole amount plus VAT of 17.5%.I did get a reply or two but the sender - clearly a complete moron of the first order - didn't find it funny. Can't think why!

Big L 266

  IClaudio 20:13 08 Feb 2011

I always said you were a marvellous fellow! Just 1 percent of your winnings would be fine, thanks :)

  finerty 22:28 08 Feb 2011

welcome to be ripped off by some Dr, reverend, professor or some other character they choose to be even Mickey mouse

  lotvic 23:06 09 Feb 2011

oh no, I'm destined to be destitute, I am sure I must have put my email in the spam box unread, if only I had read it first I would be rich... and have helped some poor fellow out as well :(

  jakimo 01:39 11 Feb 2011

Haven't we all had a Nigerian benefactor at one time or the other

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