I'm a lottery winner!

  The Brigadier 18:58 14 Jun 2007

Sorry no begging email please.
Won £82 on last nights lottery, so now have won with 3, 4 & 5 numbers.
Hope the next big one is soon;)

  Monoux 19:01 14 Jun 2007

So the old saying money runs to money is true then :o)

  p;3 19:02 14 Jun 2007

CONGRATS:BUT. use it wisely ::))

  Stuartli 19:08 14 Jun 2007

If you had done the same with the equivalent at the bookies you would be very much better off...:-)

Three correct numbers give a return (or at least used to) of £512.

  bluto1 19:25 14 Jun 2007

You will come back and talk to us poor folk won`t you?

  postie24 19:54 14 Jun 2007

The Brigadier
Any chance of lending us a tenner? :))

  45 Mart 20:00 14 Jun 2007

As has been asked of all previous big winners, "will this new found wealth in any way change your lifestyle as you now know it?"

  The Brigadier 20:35 14 Jun 2007

Mrs B has it earmarked for a new car radio;)
Sadly no beer:(

  Si_L 20:38 14 Jun 2007

How much did the 5 mumbers win you?

  wee eddie 22:05 14 Jun 2007

You'll need a bit more though

  The Brigadier 10:03 15 Jun 2007


wee eddie
New Barbour on way from Barbour UK:)

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