I'm jumping out of a ...

  DANZIG 08:21 28 Aug 2008

..perfectly good plane from 10'000 feet a week on Saturday (the 6th of September).

It's all for charidee and I will be tied to someone (a tandem jump).

I was just wondering if anyone else had done this before and what I'm likely to expect...

Also the company that are doing it say on their paperwork that cancellations could occur through bad weather. I'm assuming that means high winds and/or torerential rain - is that correct?

  jack 09:19 28 Aug 2008

They could find no volunteers who would be willing to be attached to you ;-}

  Quickbeam 09:20 28 Aug 2008

"cancellations could occur through bad weather"... or soiled pants:)

I might have had a go 20 years ago, but I've lost my head for heights somewhere along the way. Good luck.

  Bingalau 09:29 28 Aug 2008

DANZIG. Nervousness is normal. But afterwards you will want to go and do it again, it's very exhillerating.... Honest.

  crosstrainer 09:33 28 Aug 2008

You will love it. Highly addictive too :)

  spuds 11:24 28 Aug 2008

Once you have done the first, you will consider more (depending on age and health). Try to get the first event filmed or photographed for future prosperity.

Regarding cancellations, this is the normal procedure, as each day different circumstances rule, and it doesn't have to be high winds (ground level) or torrential rain. Where are you achieving this 'first', Langar airport?.

  Clapton is God 12:15 28 Aug 2008

I'm interested as to why you've chosen a tandem jump rather than a solo?

Admittedly, you can't jump solo from 10,000 feet - but the opportunity for soiled trousers when going solo is far greater. ;-))

  wiz-king 12:28 28 Aug 2008

or low cloud - no fun if you cant see the ground.

  Wrinkles 13:41 28 Aug 2008

Having jumped from a plane on several occasions. Usually fastened to various pieces of military equipment as opposed to another person I can confirm it is extremely exhilarating to the extent that on the first attempt I was scared Sh1tless.
Something to think about, If your main chute doesn't open pull the reserve, on landing take the main back to the stores and give the packers a severe talking to. Should your reserve also fail then you should accept the fact that parachuting is not for you and that you should give it up forthwith.
Oh! have you made a will?

  Bingalau 17:09 28 Aug 2008

Come on now Wrinkles, there's no need for that... It's being done for charity and no one needs being put off by remarks like that. Anyway in my day we only used one chute.. Two were for the Yanks. Are you a Yank?

  DANZIG 17:28 28 Aug 2008

Well, it sounds like its going to be fun anyway.

We've raised about 700 quid so far and we've still got a week and a bit to go.

I didn't really choose the tandem thing, it was kind of pushed on to me - don't think I'd really fancy doing it by myself anyway!!!

If anyone's interested its happening at Brigg in North Lincolnshire. The whole company I work for is doing it in various locations in the country.

The charity we're doing it for is called Whizz Kidz which provides special needs kids with trikes/wheelchairs etc etc

I've already had a look at what it should look like from 10'000 feet on Google Earth...even that made me a bit dizzy!!! lol

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