I'm going to trim a tree

  WhiteTruckMan 18:06 15 Aug 2010

One of the trees at the bottom of my garden is really in need of trimming,as the lower branches are spreading out to a significant area of the bottom garden. I only want to trim branches I can comfortably reach while standing on the ground. They are about 2-2 1/2 inch thick at most. I'm not planning on doing it soon, rather in the autumn as i have heard that there is less risk of infection for the tree (fungal & insect). The tree was a christmas tree many years ago that I bought for the first christmas in the house then transplanted to the garden, where it has flourished.

Any advice would be appreciated. Is there anything I should paint the cut ends with to help seal them without damaging the tree? Vaseline? creosote?


  Forum Editor 18:15 15 Aug 2010

the cut ends will need no sealing - the tree will do that with its own resin.

You're picking the right time - October/November will be fine.

Contrary to what some people think, conifers don't mind being pruned, but there's a potential for spoiling the shape if you go at it too vigorously. Just bear in mind that new growth will not start from old wood.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:29 15 Aug 2010

it is going to need topping. But all things considered I think I will get a pro in for that. I just want to be able to walk underneath it again, and maybe next year reclaim the badly overgrown portion of my rear garden.


  shellship 18:32 15 Aug 2010

We have a blue spruce which is far too big and we regularly remove the bottom branches in order to be able to get underneath it. It still flourishes 30 years after we planted it!

  Pine Man 18:49 15 Aug 2010

When I bought my present house about thirty years ago there was a lime tree about 60 feet high in the front garden about and about 15 feet from the front of the house. The branches hit the windows and it was always dark in doors.

I asked the council if I could remove it and they said no, it would need planning permission which they wouldn't give me so I trimmed it - to within about two feet of the ground and put a rockery on top!

  morddwyd 19:13 15 Aug 2010

Shortly after I moved into a married quarter in Germany in the 80s I found a very small, 2", tree shoot when I did my first lawn cut.

I let it be and before I left, three years later, it was already as tall as me.

Last month I looked on Google Maps and there is this huge tree clearly visible in Satellite View!

Rather silly I know, but I really feel quite pleased at that.

  Bingalau 20:00 15 Aug 2010

After I read your post I looked out at a lovely brown leafed tree growing at the end of my garden. It gives shade to one area of the garden but like yours, it seems to be that the lower branches are spreading too far out. So I walked down there to have a good look and plan a bit of a trim for it. It was only then that I noticed the tree had what appears to be cherries growing on it, and they taste delicious. I never even knew it was a cherry tree. So tomorrow I will pick some and maybe make myself a pie. Lovely grub. Does anybody know how I should treat this tree in future?

  WhiteTruckMan 20:23 15 Aug 2010

click here

As you can see, it has spread quite a bit.

Bingalau-Cherry pie?


  lotvic 20:43 15 Aug 2010

creosote will kill it

  ams4127 21:32 15 Aug 2010

During the 80s I was also in Germany, at RAF Laarbruch. I was running the fuel tank bay and accepting the new Tornado 1500ltr drop tanks which came enclosed in lovely slatted wooden containers. Having unpacked and brought them into service, the empty boxes were stacked outside.

One day someone spotted them and asked if he could have one to build a garden shed in his quarter's garden. Since they were becoming an eyesore, I said "yes". Word spread, and soon they had all gone. Everyone said how nice their gardens looked with the new sheds.

Then came the day when the SNCO stores turned up and asked for his boxes back, so that they could be returned to the UK to be re-used.

Now I'm sure you all know that feeling when your heart stops and falls to your feet. That was that day!!

I told him if he wanted them he should go round all the quarters and recover them. I was summoned to the boss's office where I gave him a good listening to!

I got away with it because one of the boxes was in OC Eng's garden!!!!!

  muddypaws 22:36 15 Aug 2010

You are not hiding the castle from 'talking point 330' behind your tree I hope.?
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