I'm flying tomorrow

  v1asco 19:20 10 Aug 2006

and wondering what will I see.

Will it be people going cold turkey because no mobile phone?

Will it be massive queues at call boxes and confused people trying to operate these old fashioned machines?

Will it be people nervously tapping at the table wondering where the keyboard has gone?

or will it be silence on the bus going to the plane, nobody flaunting the no mobiles rule?

It will most certainly be poor souls trying to entertain their children, who will be wanting their favourite toy, or perhaps the smoker who it seems from instructions cannot even carry a cigarette.

Will I be one or all of the above?

Time will tell.

  SG Atlantis® 19:25 10 Aug 2006

I'm flying in about 2 weeks myself, just a domestic flight mind you.

What are the rules exactly?

I can relate to a few of your scenarios bugle, taking a 2yr old and a 4yr with me.... :(

  wiz-king 19:31 10 Aug 2006

No luggage at all! Think of the amount of CO2 that would save!
To say nothing about the retail therapy that would be induced when you (and her who must be obeyed) get to your destination.

  Forum Editor 19:36 10 Aug 2006

I was supposed to fly today, but I'm still here, and the way things are looking I'll still be here for several days.

Heathrow airport was not a pretty sight this morning, and my heart went out to the check-in girl who was so pleasant, tried to be so helpful, and let me down so gently when she told me I wouldn't be going anywhere, certainly not New York, which was where I was headed.

The news of the security clamp-down was as much a surprise to the airline staff as it was to all of us, and those of us who arrived quite early were being handled by people who really didn't have much more information than we did. I hereby award a gold medal to all the terminal staff at Heathrow for their performance under conditions of severe stress today, and the check-in girl in question gets my personal accolade for her total professionalism.

I hope you get your flight, bugle - If it's a short-haul I advise you to make frequent checks with your airline's online status pages - there are going to be lots of aircraft in the wrong place overnight.

  Forum Editor 19:38 10 Aug 2006

click here if you're a Heathrow user.

  anskyber 19:53 10 Aug 2006

Not having been to an airport today I have relied on the national news media for information on airports and the ongoing developments.

I do not have a detailed knowledge of our airports but where there are complaints from the public ( why should there be?) the ones reported centre around a lack of information. As I travel through the aisles of my local supermarket I am blasted with information via large or small LCD TVs about their products.

I know there are some TVs in the airports but it occurs to me that in our current times several more of these which could be put onto BBC News 24 (or the like)at critical times would save a lot of time and energy for the overpressed airport staff.

  ulrich 19:57 10 Aug 2006

A couple of things really. But have any explosives been found? Do you really need your mobile to go on holiday, my boss phoned a customer to tell him his furniture is ready to be delivered, the customer was on the beach in Portugal. I do not own a mobile phone.

  v1asco 19:59 10 Aug 2006

Hats off to the check in persons and all the airport staff.

Cardiff airport is not sufferring so much according to their website. They did publish a full list of banned articles/permitted articles but that seems to have disappeared.

Basically you are allowed

small wallet/purse (no handbags)

Key ring without electronic fobs for cars etc

Medicines as tablets not liquids(unless
authenticated with prescription) enough for flight only

Spectacles not in a case

Baby food has to be tasted by the carrier in front of security

Tissues (unboxed) or handkerchief

Nothing in pockets at all.

All items to be carried in a clear bag.

No phones/laptops or as i read it anything electronic.

Very strict, not even your own wheelchair is allowed.

I have 2 flights Cardiff/Amsterdam/Brussels.

How people will cope on long haul without even a book to read I don't know.

  Jackcoms 20:32 10 Aug 2006

click here for an airport-by-airport summary

  Al94 21:37 10 Aug 2006

Does this mean all the airside shops will go straight out of business if this continues? Seems so if you can't purchase drink, cigs, perfumes, clothing etc and take it on as hand luggage.

  SG Atlantis® 21:41 10 Aug 2006

I'm sure the rules will be lifted in due course, when it is safe enough.

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