I'm a diabetic

  ulrich 20:05 15 Oct 2006

But the temptation to buy mince pies is getting to me, when I go in to my local top selling supermarket. Who else has that problem?

  Dizzy Bob 20:08 15 Oct 2006

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4th one down

Happy Christmas!!!


  ulrich 20:26 15 Oct 2006

I don't want to upset the makers but I bet they taste of nothing. I will hold on till the last minute, ignore my son and dive in to the Christmas isle as much as it gets me angry. I will only eat one mice pie a day.

  Totally-braindead 20:29 15 Oct 2006

You will only eat one mice pie a day!

The cats will starve ulrich.

Appologies I couldn't resist.

  bluto1 23:04 15 Oct 2006

What i`d give for a cheese and pickle sandwich or even a couple of bacon sarnies right now.
Right you lot, how many of you got up to organise same?

  BT 08:25 16 Oct 2006

I too am Diabetic (type 2) and I don't know which type you are, but as long as you are careful the odd mince pie will not harm you. It is not necessary to avoid sugar totally, in fact its almost impossible to do so.

There's lots of information on the Diabetesnow website

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  €dstowe 08:45 16 Oct 2006

Can you really enjoy those lumps of reconstituted cardboard containing only a modicum of a modified starch thickened goo with an occasional piece of dried fruit hovering in it?

I'll keep to the pies my mother bakes, thanks - with home made pastry and mincemeat.

  Mike D 12:29 16 Oct 2006

I'm also a Type 2 diabetic and I love mince pies. My good lady wife has, for the last 2-3 years made her own sugar-free mincemeat, which knocks Robinsons and their ilk into a cocked hat. Brilliant, very nice, but definately not naughty!


  Mike D 12:30 16 Oct 2006

Oh! Forgot to add that my diabeties experts all agree that "diabetic" foods should be avoided at all costs.


  ulrich 17:58 16 Oct 2006

Mike D how does she make sugarfree mince Pies?

  josie mayhem 10:09 17 Oct 2006

Tpye 1 here, so the delights of jabing 4 times a day (I will add a lot better than the old twice daily injections)

Moderation and Monitoring is the key....

Monitoring to ensure that you're overall control is good and stable.

Moderation, use this as a treat, if you control is good then the odd one or two mince pies will not have a drastic effect...

And Mike D is right, don't bother spending money on 'diabetic' foods such as jellies chocolate biscutes ect...

Apart from being over priced and they taste disgusting as well... Item such as jellies, triffles squashes ect go for the bog standard supermarket sugar free, a lot better value and tast like the real thing... the other problem with 'diabetic' foods is the sweetner used can go straight through you if you have too much...

A good site to visit is the diabetic ossocialation site here click here

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